Where are all the backpackers? Outside?

So--I just joined this site recently and have been having a hard time finding backpacking instructables (Except alcohol stoves, obviously).
I know there are backpackers on here. I've seen them. But there's very little in the way of skills or homemade gear. Am I just not finding it?
I'm thinking of starting a guide for it, maybe a group. If there's one already, let me know.

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thomannanas9 months ago

is there any backpackers community here? i would like to join, since i have some questions id like to ask such a group

caitlinsdad9 years ago
I would just want to comment that it is going to get tougher to find real "backpackers" anymore as each and every next generation of kids become more couch potatoes with their video games and computers. Parents are also caught up in other excuses for not getting out for a hike. A true camping/outfitter mom and pop store nearby just closed for business because there is no one doing any real trekking in the woods anymore. No one needs to read a map if they have a GPS. It is tough to even find anyone into Boy Scouts anymore. As for equipment, this is the disposable age where gear is cheaper and easier buy if you don't have access to hi-tech materials. I don't think anyone still uses canvas duck material for a hiking pack or a tent anymore. I learned to appreciate the outdoors from my military experience but if I asked anyone to go for a trip in the woods, they would freak out from the bugs and fresh air. It just seems that a majority of people think if you can climb Mt Everest as a tourist, why bother to do camping at all. Sad, but look at how thin in content the outdoor sports magazines have gotten. The rugged outdoor look has just become a fashion statement in fashions. Too bad no one knows the true enjoyment of the outdoors. Good luck.
I'm 15 and theirs nothing more I love to do than backpack or camp out in the woods. I have a 30 pound pack that's seperated into 3 things. I always wanted to become a boyscout but I think it's a little late. I really hope there are some good instructables. I've already made an alcohol stove, wood-gas stove, and some fire starters like cotton ball and petrolium jelly. I live in the Iron Range of Minnesota so the outdoors have always been right there. I only wish my family was more outdoorsy. If you guys have any other ideas for backpacking or camping, please share! I hope your guys adventures go well! Enjoy backpacking!!!
Having grown up in NYC, it is breathtaking to stand on top of a mountain ridge and look down, look those tiny things are ants and not people you see from a skyscraper. You are lucky to be "nearer" to the outdoors. It is a chore to spend two hours just getting out of traffic to go to the mountains where it is nice and quiet. Best part of hiking uphill, most of the time it is easier coming down.
One real backpacker here! Hundreds and hundreds of miles of experience, max altitude 14,505ft. summit mt. whitney, former boyscout, and I dont own a GPS...
what troop were you in?
119, Galt, California.
oh cool, im in 70 in nj
I know what you mean. Even the BSA has failed the Scouts, My "handbook" I had, had very little information, the version before mine had a whole lot more content. I hate to see the latest version, its probably just a bunch of political trash now. I got lucky once and found a 1960ish Boyscout Field book and it was amazing the stuff that was in it. They had scouts building canvas tents and waterproofing them (without the stuff in a can) and doing all sorts of stuff that would be considered unsafe or "politically incorrect" by todays standards. But I was fortunate to go to a "poor" troop. Everyone had holes in their jeans, and you either passed the gear down to the newer scouts or you patched it up yourself and kept using it, so you learned a lot of just making do with what you got. We would go camping at some places and be next to other troops and they all had on their matching shirts and shorts and had nice stuff and their fathers drove landrovers and we show up looking like bunch of homeless kids playing "lord of the flies" or something.
Necessity is the mother of invention. And being poor just made you more resourceful. My younger brother was the one into scouts when we were kids. It was an investment we made into buying just the backpack frame because that is all we could afford. I knew how to use the sewing machine as a kid so I made him his first backpack. It was made from stretchy scrap material we had laying around so it was funny looking and droopy when loaded up. I even made a sleeping bag from some quilted polyester batting material we found at a church bazaar. It's funny looking back how we hacked things then. We had looked through all of the cool catalogs like REI or EMS to figure out how to design and make them. Back then, North Face had a rep.
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