Where can I buy VERY BRIGHT white 0603 LEDs?

I used to get my LEDs from Niktronix, but they changed their supplier and their 0603 LEDs just aren't bright enough anymore.  Does anybody know a good place to buy ones that are super bright (with a good viewing angle also)?  I want white, not colored.  And they need to work with a 3 volt battery without a resistor.  Thanks.

Kiteman7 years ago

Have you tried Phenoptix? He's a member here, and has sponsored LED contests in the past.

aliasjanedoe (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
I've not ordered from them as they're a UK company rather than US. I just looked at the 0603 lights that are listed there, however. They read as: Intensity (mcd): 250-400 Viewing Angle (deg): 120 The ones from Niktronix were supposed to be: View Angle: 120 Degrees Luminosity: 600mcd But I'm wondering if that is no longer correct, as the lights they sent me this order were dimmer than my last order. If that's correct, then my previous order had even brighter lights.
You'll find UK companies much happier to ship to foreign parts than American ones are !
He'll mail to the US, and why not PM him to see if he has stock that will match your needs? That's how I got the UV LEDs for one of my projects.