Where can I get a MPF Transistor?

Hey guys, I wish my local store had more stuff but it is kind of bad... Does anyone know where I can find or get a MPF, I bought a NPN transistor instead do you guys think it will work? I am making a sound amplifier, are there and equivalents if I don't find the MPF?


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verence5 years ago
What is a MPF transistor?

If you mean the MPF102 / 105 JFET (the only thing I could find with MPF and transistor) then no, a NPN will most probably not work. A Field-Effect-Transistor is a very different thing from a bipolar NPN transistor.
TobaTobias (author)  verence5 years ago
Right, but is there any substitute to the MPF102?
I just googled for 'MPF102 alternative' and found this:


They recommend 2N5457 and BF245

Check for differences in the pinout.
TobaTobias (author)  verence5 years ago
Got it,Thanks.
Cheers mate! :)
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