Where can I get a giant electrical throw switch?

Hey.  I need to find a giant switch (1-3 feet?) that I can install for a mostly decorative purpose, but I have no idea how to find something like this, or what it would be called.  

We're redoing part of the office at work (small web dev company) and rather than hide the breaker box, we want to embellish it.  One guy is going to put in a led panel that shows the status of each site we run.  I suggested we also put in a huge throw switch that is labeled 'Interwebs: on/off'.  Boss likes it, and tasked me with finding such a thing.  


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Aerospaced4 years ago
Are you speaking of a modern one or the old knife switch, like in the Frankenstein movies?
A non functional knife switch is so easy to make. Plus I could show you how to make it work without being dangerous. Simply use it to switch a relay that would trip a S.S.R. that actually controls something.
"Siemens 60-Amp Non-Fusible Metallic Safety Switch" at www.Lowes.com

caitlinsdad5 years ago
I don't think I have seen any commercial "giant" switches that size but it is easy to make one out of plywood. You can use rasterbator to blow up the datasheet diagram on one and fabricate the switch with plywood or mdf sheet. Just have it pivot internally to the mounting plate. It is just a big lever that actuates a standard rocker or wall fixture switch. Make the corresponding wall plate cover out of plywood. Make it out of plexiglass if you want to frost it on the inside and then also activate a parallel switch for the neon light indicator.  A good smooth paint job will make it look exactly like a giant wall switch. I don't have a switch but I do have a giant chip to control it...
oh, you need some springs or detents to keep it in the on/off up/down position, easy to figure out.
Do you do commissions? ;-)
Kiteman5 years ago
Define "giant". This one in nine inches long.

If that sort of scale is acceptable, then there are lots on ebay. some of which look very cool.

Otherwise, if you after a really big one, you probably need to make one yourself, or splash out on a movie-prop version (see here).