Where can i buy LED Lights Online?

Hello Everyone, 

Im new to instructables and looking through peoples designs im inspired to build things with LED Lights

My problem is i cant seem to find any supplier to sell me tiny light bulbs that i can put together

can anyone please tell me the name of a supplier or their website? (Please make sure they are not scammers)

Thanks in regards.

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secretpower (author) 5 years ago
Oh sorry i live in the UK, London
Try phenoptix.com. They're UK based, reasonably priced and helpful.
Kiteman Jayefuu5 years ago
He's also a member here.
secretpower (author) 5 years ago
Thanks im using the phenoptix and MPJA, very useful,

im very greatful to you both
blkhawk5 years ago
You can try these places:
  1. Futurlec
  2. MPJA
Jayefuu5 years ago
Without telling us what country you are in, we can't help you.