Where can i find all my favorites?

This might be a dumb question, but since the new update only a few of the projects that i have favorited are showing up now? Where can i find all the other projects? i go to my profile and choose favorites and there are only about 20 or so of the many, many that i have starred. Hopefully someone can help with this issue, Thanks!

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Yonatan241 year ago

You have 28 favorited that I see on your profile page.

From here, click on "Favorites", which is exactly under "settings". Is that where you looked?

thank you very much

SamuraiFinn (author)  Yonatan241 year ago

Oh ok! yeah it only showed 28 when i go directly to my favorites from the drop down on the main page, but no i see that i can find all of them from the link that you pointed out. Thanks!

Lozchik1 year ago

Hello. I have a similar problem. I know that I've favorited plenty of instructables but, when I go to click on the Favorites option on the drop down menu under You, all I get are comments I've made. Did a recent update happen requiring me to do something or all my favorites gone?

Nevermind. Everything's listed as activities now, including favorites.