Where can i find nylon?

i am building a vdg for sci fair and i don't know where to look for a nylon roller. also if i use nylon and the top and Teflon at the bottom will that work?

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thejrb10 years ago
When I attempted to make one of these I heated the metal ends of a fuse then I was able to take it off with a pair of pliers.
guyfrom7up thejrb10 years ago
yeah, I did this once, that's an excellent source for round glass, I thought this was for a large VDG. For nylon search for standoffs or rollers at places like Radio Shack and Lowes or Home Depot
Goodhart10 years ago
Do you mean like these ? Nylon Roller sale....
gmoon10 years ago
I think those are injection molded plastic, and probably don't have the insulating properties. But there may be other kinds I'm not aware of....
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Try some of the industrial supply stores - eg, Carlton-Bates, McMaster-Carr.
guyfrom7up10 years ago
if you can't find nylon use glass, cut a wine bottle. hmmm... are some cutting boards made of nylon? But that's flat.