Where did instructables go? I just see radio shack?

this is bogus -- do not like 

Picture of Where did instructables go?  I just see radio shack?
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marc.cryan (author) 4 years ago
I would go to Radio Shack everyday if:

-They sold electronic components in giant bins, like the bulk food section at the grocery store.

-They had pay-per-use laser cutters, like there used to be copy machines in gas stations.

- I could get same day printed circuit boards, like getting a photo printed at a pharmacy.

(see -- being positive and constructive with my comments)
I think we're helping Radio Shack see the value of a move in this direction. At the very least, they value being part of a community of people who they know (and we tell them!) are more likely to make something than to buy it.

Also, the big image is actually Randy's desk. We did stage it with Radio Shack items, but I don't think it looks too dissimilar from my desk when I'm really working on a project and got the last few remaining items at Radio Shack.
Attmos ewilhelm4 years ago
I understand the need to advertise, I do. But one of the things I look forward to everyday is loging on to Instructables and seeing the coolest things that people come up with. I was happy seeing the advertisement above all of the featured projects, it was big enough to get my attention every time. The new format of the home screen makes this site way less fun to go to. New people can't see what the site is all about, and the people who's projects are featured can't feel the same pride that comes with being chosen to be featured.
I buy things for my projects and have been good about saying that in my instructables, but why are they more important than us?
I agree with you advertising is of course am important source of revenue but without the members projects there wouldn't be a site to advertise on.
I remember being as pleased as punch when I got a front page feature, this new layout takes all that away & in addition completely fails to convey what the site is all about.
As far as I am concerned the bulk of the front page should be dedicated to the things created by the members, that is after all what the site is all about, the balance between advertising & content was ok before.
I've asked several people what they think of it & all of them thought it was an electronics site three thought it was run by Radio Shack, in no way does it get across the diverse range of interests & crafts available within the site.
If there must be a huge single background image taking up the bulk of the front page it should be one that depicts as many of the different areas if interest covered in the site as possible, at least then it wouldn't look like a site for electronics fans.
marc.cryan (author)  ewilhelm4 years ago
Thanks Eric, I'm over it --- I just changed my instructables bookmark to the featured page.

I would welcome a RadioShack instructables member that we could provide feedback for.

"... got the last few remaining items at Radio Shack." Kinda sums up the current state of affairs at the shack.
Maplins (similar retailer in UK) moved away from the deeper components stuff to chuck it all online, however they've begun employing staff that are actually in to building things - I actually went back to the shop to show the guy that helped me go through every potentiometer cover they sell my project. An experience that made me want to go back to get rather overpriced parts because there are people that have an actual interest in making...

I think staff are a really important part of the experience when it comes to the maker community, facilities that cater are great but being able to go and discuss your projects with them as you pick through parts numbers and various offerings makes the whole thing a lot better.

*for the record I'm not sure if all maplin's started the improvement or it's just the local ones to me...
marc.cryan (author) 4 years ago
I'm unpublishing projects -- this is gross.
That more or less illustrates a point I made in another thread a few hours ago, anyone new to the site could easily believe that it's a site run by & for Radio Shack & move on if they are not into electronics.
As someone who isn't really into electronics or technology based projects I for one would not have bothered looking any further.
The flip side is that if you are someone who is really into electronics or technology based products, seeing it might be a Radio Shack site, you would not bother looking any further. They've got some branding issues to repair to get back to the glory days.
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