Where do i solder to make a switch on this?

im making a camera coil gun, and i have a kodak funsaver, but the charging switch is a button. its a piece of curved metal with three points that hit three pieces of metal on the PCB. and to turn the switch on you push it so a bump on the curved metal hits a center piece of metal on the PCB. i removed the button but i dont know where to solder the wires to. The button is held on with tape, so i just removed it, and im confused where to solder. if someone could copt the image and show me a highlighted area to solder to that would be great

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PKM8 years ago
As per my Instructable (and if it's not in there it should be):

I found that the charging button latches the circuit into charging mode and you can't stop it charging after a flash without removing the battery. I suggest: solder a piece of wire across the charge button contacts (one of the outer square ones to the inner circle), and wire the switch in series with the battery to the battery contacts. This means you should end up with

+ ------=[_AA_]-----o_o------ -

In order: positive battery contact, battery, switch, negative battery contact. (Sorry for the poor ASCII art)

I can't see the battery contacts on your photos but they are where the battery used to clip into the camera case.
Plasmana8 years ago
You solder one wire to the circle center pad and the other wire to any three little square pads, they are all the same.
um0123 (author) 8 years ago
okay, but what i was thinking - please critique it as it will help me - was to just take a normal on/off switch, and solder then to the points, on would star the charging process, and its not momentary, so i can leave the switch on and walk away for a minute. and there will be a second connected to the coil, with the capacitors, this will allow me to charge is to any point, and hold that charge until i flip the other switch - which may or may not be momentary - and it iwll shoot
you want to put a switch in series with the capacitor?
switch 1 (500 mA) is what caitlinsdad or i said caitlinsdad uses a momentary switch. you push it to start charging and it continues after you release i use 1 - 0 switch that is charging in 1 and not charging in 0 the fire switch should be connected between the coil and the capacitor / charger (the capacitor is connected to the charger all the time) you want to use big switch here (atleast 16 A one) so that it won't weld in the closed position after some use
an automotive relay
and big one
um0123 (author)  110100101108 years ago
but there are two switches, fire and charge, which one is should be rated at 16 A and what should the other one be? i have two 10 A lying around, but i can just go to radioshack and get another one.
it depends on the power of the gun and quality of the switches. 10 A may be ok the fire switch has to be big. the charge can be about everything
110100101108 years ago
alternatively you can solder them together and put a switch in series with the battery. this allows you to stop a started charging too
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