Where do you get Salt Peter (potassium nitrate)????

Does any body know where to get Salt Peter (potassium nitrate) but not from uni's or from the internet?? If not how do u make it?

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JosephL1181 month ago

CountryGun Thanks for the Information on where to Get the Salt Peter but we Are talking Chemistry here. You DO NOT want anything in the mix that is not needed because of that Charcoal briquettes are not the best idea as companies add all sorts of things to the mix to make them burn hotter and longer not to mention start Quicker. For best Quality I would suggest Making your own Charcoal. I think we have all seen the Char-Cloth Videos on you-tube. Its simple to do. You're just scaling up the idea. Use a old popcorn tin drilling a hole in the lid big enough to let the hot water Vapors out without letting in oxygen to feed combustion of the hard wood. AND DO USE hard wood. Soft woods such as pine contain resins most of the time that contain Turpin's where we get turpentine. If you really want to go big you could look at how others actually produce their charcoal for their Metal Forge's. I've seen some as big around as a small pool the size really is limitless as long as you can release the water vapors while not allowing combustion of the wood used. I Would NEVER Use Black Powder produced with briquettes in one of my fire-arms.

CountryGun4 years ago
It's not difficult to get Salt Peter at all. It can be purchased at your local pharmacy, but they sometimes ask too many questions. Visit your local Farm Supply, or feed store. Salt Peter is used by folks who breed horses, but want to control the lust amongst their stallions. You can buy it in 5 -10 lob bags much cheaper than you can purchase it at pharmacies.

I have made Black Powder. It's perfectly legal. A friend built a "mortar" that will hurl a fourteen pound bowling ball two miles, using Black Powder. We'll soon go for three miles! I think he would do well in competition.

It's perfectly legal, provided you are building a cannon/mortar that is muzzle loaded, has no breach loading capability, and uses Black powder. I bought a five pound bag of Sulphur today. The only other thing you need are charcoal briquettes. That said, some formulas recommend the urine from a wino. I'm good in that department! LOL Enjoy! The briquettes must be ground very fine. Mix equal parts in thirds. Wham!

DONT'T USE CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES!!! Those contain a large concentration of clay and cause much more residue and less of a potent mix. Use any hardwood LUMP charcoal... this is all natural charcoal (oxygen deprived burning wood). You'll have much better results.

Not to pick on any one individual here but I see a very deep misunderstanding of Salt Peter, "NAo3."
Many of you state it is dangerous because it is an explosive.
Not true!
It is used in the making of explosives yes.
It reduces male randiness. Not true. Complete myth.

If you will note the O3 part of it.
This is what when mixed with the proper amount of fuel, charcoal etc it can become an explosive.
Charcoal must have oxygen in order to burn. You remember, burning is a reaction of something with O2.
So if you were to put charcoal powder in a closed container, "cartridge with a bullet in front." It won't burn! YA GATTA HAVE O2!
Throw in the right amount of NAo# with the Charcoal and wala, you now have fuel, "Charcoal" and O2 in the NAo3.
When you ignite it, the Charcoal reacts with O2 and it burns at a fantastic speed. Since it is contained in a closed container it builds up a great deal of pressure in a very short time. We call it an explosion.
Example in one muzzle loader 45 cal 22 inch barrel black powder rifle the measured pressure is over 12,000 psi in less than one tenth of one thousands of a second.
This is an explosive pressure in a chamber with a given weight of shot, powder and blah, blah. It is far short of being a completely closed environment.
If this same powder was in a chamber just large enough to hold it and completely sealed the pressure whoul far, far exceed the stated pressure of the weapon.
Other things other than Charcoal can be use for fuel with the NAo3 as the oxidizer. Example on the farm when I was a kid we mixed Ammonium Nitrate with Coal Oil or other slightly heavy fuel oil. NOT GASOLINE!!
This was put in a coffee can and inserted into a hole under a stump.
The hole was dug with post hole diggers very close to the diameter of the coffee can. Then the spaces were filled with loose dirt and water poured in to compact it. When ignited thee stump became a projectial and the small hole dug becomes a crater. It is very dangerous and should not be done by anyone I've seen the writings of on the blog.
I see no one stating anything even remotely showing enough knowledge to do this safely.
Don't learn this by doing. Learn it by reading and from some one knowledgeable and practiced in this art. In other words don't do it from instructions found on the Internet or a book. Learn from someone who has done this a lot.
Be safe, keep all your digits!

From what I've read here

first off you're credit went down the drain when you typed NAo3 which does not exist also i think you meant NaO3 which also does not exist and is far from saltpeter (potassium nitrate) which is KNO3 also it's an oxidizer which means that it help the fuel burn without the help of oxygen.

This is very good news for me! me and a friend are looking to make some smoke bombs, so we are using the 3/2 ratio of Salt Peter and sugar. Thanks for the info!
LabRaticvs1 year ago

Lowe's, Home Depot, or just about any garden center. Look in the herbicides or stump removers.

rtutans5 years ago
Easier way (in case you are not a farmer and live in middle of city)! :D


Get an instant cold pack that clearly says it contains ammonium nitrate, cut it open and pour the contents into a container. If it's unused there will be a water pouch that you can discard. The rest of the pack is ammonium nitrate. Usually its coated in an anti-caking agent so it'll be off-color.

* If you're using an already used instant cold pack then filter out the liquid and let it evaporate until it's dry. The crystals will be ammonium nitrate.
Take 80 grams of ammonium nitrate and dissolve in 70 milliliters of hot water. This will take some time so be patient. It will take even longer in cold water, so use hot water when you can.
* If it has an insoluble anti-caking agent, you need to filter it off through a coffee filter after mixing.
Measure out 56 grams of potassium hydroxide, separately (see tips for procurement info). Add just enough water to completely dissolve the potassium hydroxide.
Add the ammonium nitrate solution to the potassium hydroxide solution, when both solutions are clear and ready. This step will produce large amounts of ammonia gas and must be done outside or in a fume hood.
Leave the solution in a very well-ventilated area (outside is best) for all the water and ammonia to evaporate. You can also boil the solution to dryness, just remember, it is still producing ammonia!
Now you have potassium nitrate! To test it, mix a small portion with an equal amount of sugar and set it on fire. Normally pure sugar does not burn but if the potassium nitrate works then it will flare up in a purplish pink flame.
shuang1 rtutans4 years ago
whered u get the potassium hydroxide it sounds more dangerouse then saltpeter
TP_inc shuang12 years ago
Bman87 years ago
I went to lowes and they had Spectricide stump remover there for 6 dollars :)
shuang1 Bman84 years ago
where cuz they dont carry in toronto lowes
or walmart
TP_inc shuang12 years ago
its called Canada
I to want salt peter.
Hazard™4 years ago
You can get it nonlinear from -ihaveadotcom.com-
I have bought from them and the pottasium nitratr worked great.
If you live in ChinaPotassium nitrate is more dangerous, limit the amount of purchasePotassium nitrate 99.4% of Shanxi 50kg / bag Colorless transparent prismatic crystal or powder Uses: used in making gunpowder, glass, matches, and used as fertilizer and analytical reagents, potassium nitrate, KNO3, a molecular weight of 101.11, is colorless and transparent rhombic or diamond The white crystalline powder, soluble in water. Mainly used in fireworks, gunpowder, matches, fuses, candles, tobacco, color TV picture tube.
Some Stump removers are all or mostly KNO3
Aron3134 years ago
Stump Remover! Home Depot! Go Now! But It Is Very DANGEROUS. Dont Let It Touch Your Skin And What Are You Using It For?
tcarr44 years ago
If you live in Australia, email me at tim@actionvideostudios.tk
I sell it for $7.99 per KG
Hi just wondering if you still have the pottasium nitrate for sale KNO3, I am near Melbourne, not sure if its allowed in the post, anyway please email me if your still selling timclroy@bigpond.com
GASSYPOOTS4 years ago
u can get it from tnt (its one of the ingredients)
ilpug4 years ago
Someone told me that the absorbent crystals in diapers contain this. Is this fact or crap?
Umm diapers and crap... Kind of odd don't you think?
Oh haha.
bombs r bad
Potassium nitrate is one of the active ingrediants in smoke bombs and pyrotechnics im 17 and live in the uk i dont want to make bombs but i do want to make a smoke granade. if you want ill send you the ingrediants and methord and you can make your own
Hey! reckon u can send me some ??? that'd b ACE cheers.....
When I was a bit younger (30 + years ago) it was a main ingredient used by the country folks around these parts with pickling spices, and could be bought in 8 oz, one pound, and "barrel" amounts. I can't find it in ANY grocersy store anymore *sigh*
So upsetting, I know.
I need a little to make the sparks/smoke/lava for a volcano for a demonstration and it is just so hard to find.....
can u send me that recipe?also would organic hemp wick work as a wick?
if it has a an ember and stays lit
:( oh great, you make him sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: ^ l
bomb r GOOD you dont know what your missin' out on!! :O
yea i use to make fireworks and stuff, but then i grew up and realized that blowing ur hand off isnt worth hearing a few bangs
did you blow off your hand?
you have to keep making bombs UNTIL you blow off your hand... and then you THINK about not making anymore.
And sometimes you don't learn your lesson, and make more!
Ah, reminds me of this guy...
What the hell kind of accent were they trying to do there? L
you can get jobs for making fireworks and earn alot of money doing it

jkdsh15 years ago
My neighbor uses the following recipe for fertilizer for her plants and they are beautiful. 1 c baking powder 1 c Epson Salts 1 c Salt Petre To a gal water add 3 Tbsp MIX and 1Tbsp amonia
lemonie jkdsh15 years ago
This is a 3 years+ question about "Where do you get Salt Peter (potassium nitrate)?" - what are you talking about? L
zascecs lemonie5 years ago
Who knows? But apparently her neighbor knows where to get it...
lemonie zascecs5 years ago

I know a person who grows plants... I discovered his "Mediterranean tan" is due to sunbathing with them under the special lights...

zascecs lemonie5 years ago
Wait, wait, wait... so he tans with plants???
ilpug zascecs4 years ago
Oh yeah. It is quite possible. People around where I live do it all the time.
jkdsh1 jkdsh15 years ago
My neighbor uses the following recipe for fertilizer for her plants and they are beautiful. 1 c baking powder 1 c Epson Salts 1 c Salt Petre To a gal water add 3 Tbsp MIX and 1Tbsp amonia I've looked for salt petre in drug stores & grocery stores & hardware stores & found nothing. Was hoping somebody could give me direction. Judith
Enickols124 years ago
At 18 I can buy Uranium, Plutonium, Death Ray (x-ray gun), Gattling Gun, anti tank rifles, anti aircraft rocket launchers, but f*cking Home Depot wont sell Salt Peter in their store because it is potentially dangerous.
I don't know if your still looking for potassium nitrate, but I went to my local buckerfeilds yesterday to get stump remover because its made of salt peter. Lo and behold right beside the stump remover stuff was a 2 kilo bag of salt peter. whats even funnier is beside that was a bag of pure sulpher. I would try there if you are still looking. I'm in bc if that makes a difference
 Has anyone tried distilling... urine? Some research suggests that urine may have some potassium nitrate in it. If you distill it, it may leave behind some potassium nitrate and the deadly toxins. Maybe somehow filtering the urine with activated charcoal to remove the organics, which are the toxins, and leave you with stinking water with some potassium nitrate.Then, finally distill it. The powder left behind is the potassium nitrate. Just hope the KNO3 doesn't explode. This is only a theory, I don't know if the filter will remove the toxins, KNO3, or both. So, do it at your own risk! 
thats nasty really cow urine???
I don't know... It's been a while.
Look up nitrogen cycle... Also fish tanks and ammonia I guess that I must try this so as to be able to give a knowledgeable response. An old 87 year old Portuguese alchemyst (Rubellus Petrinus ?) "Has done lots of work on treating and distilling urine to get ammonium carbonate as well as creating / collecting potassium nitrate from urine ....but he "cheated" a bit due to the large quantities of urine need to get a decent amount of said salts. http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:b78VsE5O_yAJ:www.tpissarro.com/alquimia/salturine-e.htm+%22salt+of+urine%22&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk
Wolf Seril7 years ago
Make sure you don't buy Stump-out. It isn't KNO3 (and now I have a bottle of a useless chemical).
Lowes sells Spectracide Stump Remover. Just checked it out, and it is 100% KNO3.
is this in ontario
so you checked it out and all of it is potassium nitrate... like if I bought it and added an equal amount of sugar and set it on fire it would work?????????
Well I cant find it anywhere around here, so I haven't tried it, but according to the website it is potassium nitrate, so theoretically it should work.
2743 Wolf Seril6 years ago
it may contains potassium chlorate or sodium metabisulfide
ztehboss5 years ago
hey is stomp out the same as stump remover please answer
look in the list of active ingredients it should be at least 90% potassium nitrate
i.see.fish8 years ago
No one will sell it to me, im 13 and i hate when they say "we dont sell those things to children, what are you using it for?" i say "removing a stump" They say "you are making a bomb aren't you?" It wouldn't make any difference what i say bcuz no listens to me... SOO FKN ANNOYING...
dude I totally know what you mean!!! I'm 13 also and trying to get it right now, and my friend is getting it for me. but the thing is, I don't know how much it costs for 60 grams... I'm making a smokebomb.
i am too 13 and nowon will sell it too me its not even the part that makes it explode its sulpher that does that im makeing (firecrackers)
yo im 13 and im pretty sure u can you can get it with stump remover all u gotta do is act casual and say ur dad asked u to buy it and u dont know what its for, ive never tried this with stump remover but it sure as hell has worked before
i waltzed into a hardware store and asked for potassium nitrate, sulfer, and charcoal.... im was 14, the guy looked at me an said "your making black powder arent you"? and i said "yes.." and he said.. "we only have sulfer and charcoal right now.." so i bought the sulfer and charcoal and was on my way... this was in a small hick town in canada :D
vulcan13 emerix5 years ago
only in canada
hehe.. not suprised really... depends who sells it to you
saddness emerix7 years ago
sorry to say but i thin that guy lied.......
im also 14, but y not just have ur parents buy some gunpowder for you, they sell it in tin cans 4 use in blackpowder rifles.
how much do u get in a can, and how much is it?
icr its been awhile since ive seen any. you would have to go to a gunshop, or a pawn shop might have some, that sells supplies for blackpowder rifles
dude, if you see it in a store dont buy it cuz they wont let you, get your parents or other older people to get it for you, or just pocket it.
do you live in the states? i thought so...
what does living in the states have to do with anything ? =P

i have.. well had 500g KNO3. i used most of it. they sold it to me, I'm 14. i told them I'm making black powder rockets. Honesty gets you a lot farther than deceit. Go to a pharmacy ask them to order it for you. They will.
hmm that contradicted my first post... in canada most places wont sell it to you, i tried all the hardware stores. And then the pharmacies. only then i was successful.
What did you ask for exactly and how? What did you say? I'm from Ontario BTW
I know.Honesty does get you further than deceit.
a pharmacy in the states such as cvs?
Dunno, just try pharmacies.
you cant use gun powder for fire crackers you should get flash powder it works alot better and makes a lot louder bang
If you are gonna go that route just go ahead and pick up some tri-nitro-toluine. (T.N.T.) it is much safer-no joke- and makes a better explosion. (flash powder is very volitile)
fire crackers with salt peter? in other words your making BP
I'M ALSO 13 and I live in Malaysia. I couldnot find it. There is no saltpetre or stump remover here.
gabkwong 27437 years ago
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2743 gabkwong7 years ago
thanks, but I had some fertilisers that says contains KNO2, magnesiums,nitrogen and others... how to make the kno2 become kno3?
gabkwong 27437 years ago
Lol, Nearly All Fertilizer Contains Kno3 Man, Never Heard Of A Fertilizer Had Kno2. Kno2 And Kno3 Is Not The Same At All. I THink No Way You Can Make Kno3 from Kno2.
2743 gabkwong7 years ago
KNO2 is potassium nitrite(maybe) It just less one oxygen atom than KNO3.Even I cant make KNO3, I could buy hydrogen peroxide(HP) or sodium hypochlorite(SH) at farmasi or local store such as GIANT or TESSCO. HP and SH could be use as oxidiser to make rocket but it is unstable(SH) and it would oxidise most of organic and not organic things and could suddenly ignited .
KNO2 is potassium nitrite, not nitrate. You want KNO3.
How the hell do u get kno2?!?!?!?! Theoretically that'd wouldn't work... or at leeast be extreamly unstable.... chemicaly. Like it'd bond with something else like suck up calcium to complete the shell?
You can get it off most sites mates for like 1.50 for an ounce wich is 28 grams so it would only be about 3 pound something like that best way to do it is to mix with 40 grams of sugar until its caramelised then add a spoonfull of baking soda then when its done put it into a cardboard tube and put a pen in it for the mould then wrap it with duct tape except the whole atthe top leave for an hour then remove pen and put the fuse down there and secure it with cotton wool, its great haha lots and lots of smoke i filled nearly the full school up with smoke!
hahah im 13 too and i live in Australia and its impossible to find anywhere if anyone lives in Australia can they please help me to places i could find it...and i asked this warehouse if they had it and there like "what are you using it for" even though i was gonna make a smoke bomb for fun i said its a science experement but they didnt have so that was a let down. (the warehouse i asked is probably the most biggest or most fameous warehouse but its not there either) thanks
I'm 13, and trying to get it for a small bomb/smoke bomb.. but in the uk the only way is online..

looks like I'm gonna have to wait till I go to Poland for the summer :( (I'm polish)

you can get it there in any grocery shop. :) And I got friends that like to do similar stuff.
live in nsw...

found it in a few hobby shops, and witchcraft stores... as a minor yrs ago.. and they were the only ones who sold it to me back then as well.
wow bro im 16 and they wont even sell it to me... but thats propably because i was carrying a bag of icing sugar in my hand, what was i suppose to say i was gonna do with it.... "uhhhhhhh im removing a stump.... and making candy" lol
13 seems like the age for pyrotechnics
at that website that Nakka1080 posted is selling 500g for only $9.95 which is a good deal.