Where do you get Salt Peter (potassium nitrate)????

Does any body know where to get Salt Peter (potassium nitrate) but not from uni's or from the internet?? If not how do u make it?

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CountryGun6 years ago
It's not difficult to get Salt Peter at all. It can be purchased at your local pharmacy, but they sometimes ask too many questions. Visit your local Farm Supply, or feed store. Salt Peter is used by folks who breed horses, but want to control the lust amongst their stallions. You can buy it in 5 -10 lob bags much cheaper than you can purchase it at pharmacies.

I have made Black Powder. It's perfectly legal. A friend built a "mortar" that will hurl a fourteen pound bowling ball two miles, using Black Powder. We'll soon go for three miles! I think he would do well in competition.

It's perfectly legal, provided you are building a cannon/mortar that is muzzle loaded, has no breach loading capability, and uses Black powder. I bought a five pound bag of Sulphur today. The only other thing you need are charcoal briquettes. That said, some formulas recommend the urine from a wino. I'm good in that department! LOL Enjoy! The briquettes must be ground very fine. Mix equal parts in thirds. Wham!
Not to pick on any one individual here but I see a very deep misunderstanding of Salt Peter, "NAo3."
Many of you state it is dangerous because it is an explosive.
Not true!
It is used in the making of explosives yes.
It reduces male randiness. Not true. Complete myth.

If you will note the O3 part of it.
This is what when mixed with the proper amount of fuel, charcoal etc it can become an explosive.
Charcoal must have oxygen in order to burn. You remember, burning is a reaction of something with O2.
So if you were to put charcoal powder in a closed container, "cartridge with a bullet in front." It won't burn! YA GATTA HAVE O2!
Throw in the right amount of NAo# with the Charcoal and wala, you now have fuel, "Charcoal" and O2 in the NAo3.
When you ignite it, the Charcoal reacts with O2 and it burns at a fantastic speed. Since it is contained in a closed container it builds up a great deal of pressure in a very short time. We call it an explosion.
Example in one muzzle loader 45 cal 22 inch barrel black powder rifle the measured pressure is over 12,000 psi in less than one tenth of one thousands of a second.
This is an explosive pressure in a chamber with a given weight of shot, powder and blah, blah. It is far short of being a completely closed environment.
If this same powder was in a chamber just large enough to hold it and completely sealed the pressure whoul far, far exceed the stated pressure of the weapon.
Other things other than Charcoal can be use for fuel with the NAo3 as the oxidizer. Example on the farm when I was a kid we mixed Ammonium Nitrate with Coal Oil or other slightly heavy fuel oil. NOT GASOLINE!!
This was put in a coffee can and inserted into a hole under a stump.
The hole was dug with post hole diggers very close to the diameter of the coffee can. Then the spaces were filled with loose dirt and water poured in to compact it. When ignited thee stump became a projectial and the small hole dug becomes a crater. It is very dangerous and should not be done by anyone I've seen the writings of on the blog.
I see no one stating anything even remotely showing enough knowledge to do this safely.
Don't learn this by doing. Learn it by reading and from some one knowledgeable and practiced in this art. In other words don't do it from instructions found on the Internet or a book. Learn from someone who has done this a lot.
Be safe, keep all your digits!

From what I've read here

btw saltpeter is KNO3, not NAO3. NAO3 is sodium nitate, saltpeter is potassium nitrate. Although, they are very similar.

first off you're credit went down the drain when you typed NAo3 which does not exist also i think you meant NaO3 which also does not exist and is far from saltpeter (potassium nitrate) which is KNO3 also it's an oxidizer which means that it help the fuel burn without the help of oxygen.

DONT'T USE CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES!!! Those contain a large concentration of clay and cause much more residue and less of a potent mix. Use any hardwood LUMP charcoal... this is all natural charcoal (oxygen deprived burning wood). You'll have much better results.

This is very good news for me! me and a friend are looking to make some smoke bombs, so we are using the 3/2 ratio of Salt Peter and sugar. Thanks for the info!
JosephL1181 year ago

CountryGun Thanks for the Information on where to Get the Salt Peter but we Are talking Chemistry here. You DO NOT want anything in the mix that is not needed because of that Charcoal briquettes are not the best idea as companies add all sorts of things to the mix to make them burn hotter and longer not to mention start Quicker. For best Quality I would suggest Making your own Charcoal. I think we have all seen the Char-Cloth Videos on you-tube. Its simple to do. You're just scaling up the idea. Use a old popcorn tin drilling a hole in the lid big enough to let the hot water Vapors out without letting in oxygen to feed combustion of the hard wood. AND DO USE hard wood. Soft woods such as pine contain resins most of the time that contain Turpin's where we get turpentine. If you really want to go big you could look at how others actually produce their charcoal for their Metal Forge's. I've seen some as big around as a small pool the size really is limitless as long as you can release the water vapors while not allowing combustion of the wood used. I Would NEVER Use Black Powder produced with briquettes in one of my fire-arms.

ElvenChild6 years ago
Are you kidding? We should have a meeting and swap world domination plans.


I'm kinda young but I'm smart :D
I'm in :D
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