Where is everybody?

Where did everybody go? It seems like everything has slowed down on here... not many interesting new instructables... and even the interesting forum posts are starting to thin out. Whats the deal?

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guyfrom7up10 years ago
I'm here, I've stopped all of my projects right now cause I have to finish my 2 wooden grandfather clocks in like 2 or 3 weeks and I'm stressing out. Out of all the people in my group I get to make the gearboxes, yay...
Well you have one of the most important parts and if someone who wasn't very good at building was making them it may not work.
yeppers, I had to make them because I was the only person in the whole group (5 people) who knew how to make gearboxes (like had experience). I tell you, mating up homemade wooden gears is a nightmare. a ratchet gear (for the winding mechanism) snapped, so I had to super glue it back together and now my hands are all wierd, fun...
It must be extremely difficult making every tooth exactly the same as all of the others and then having to make it match another gear!
well, we made gear templates and they all match up pretty well, not perfectly and you have to file down some parts. Making the tiny 10 teeth gear is scary with a jijgsaw.
I would be too worried that I might mess them up.
Our group was like that in the begining, but after the first one was really easy. For all the gears (except the tiny 10 tooth) we used a bandsaw. Cutting a crude circle around the whole thing, and then cutting little triangles into the gear. That way there's no really sharp turning. we got good at it (but boring), eventually about 10 teeth a minute.
LinuxH4x0r10 years ago
I've been sitting on my ass doing nothing here in santa fe NM
Kiteman10 years ago
There's often a lull after the end of a competition, plus I think a few regulars are having to deal with a greater workload from school (which is what I think Pat may have meant).

Plus, I think we are still suffering a loss through the absence of lemonie & LasVegas. I heard Lemonie was having access problems, but LV seems to have dropped off the planet ...

As far as the current rush of non-ibles, partly that's the fault of the Yarn slideshow competition, and (hopefully) a case of novelty - when people realise that the best stuff in in proper 'ibles, and that creating proper 'ibles gives you more credibility as a member, then maybe they'll slow down.

(I've just thought of a forum thread...)
BTW, Kiteman, now would be the time to release all those great ibles that you have lying about.
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