Where to buy cheap parts in the UK

Hey, I have just stumbled upon this site about 2 hours ago (been wandering around looking at stuff to make) and have discovered a minro problem, the instructables all seem to link to US sites and they don't deliver to the UK and any sites I know of that are based in the UK are very expensive. $4 for a single small watch battery seems a little steep. So, if anyone knows of any cheap places to buy parts like components, tools and similar supplies I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your help with this.

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PiotrW112 years ago

Another UK supplier is Libra Electronic Components https://libraec.co.uk

better prices than most popular ones

lo.max.75243 years ago

We are the components distributor at Hong Kong.

Goldgic Technology Ltd was established in 2000, is now a professional manufacturer & exporter of electronic components in Hong Kong. We offer our customers expertise in new product design and development and cost -effective manufacturing, as we have efficient warehouse both in Hong Kong and China.

We have solid experience in Hong Kong and China markets as the agency of worldwide famous brand electronic components (Our brand - HOLTEK, ATMEL, ALPS, TOSHBIA, SITRONIX, NEC,TDK, DALLAS & MAXIM). We have abundant inventory of the mentioned brands components. Our product range included various kinds of electronic components. From8 bit MCU, Display Driver, memory, power management, remote controller, PC peripheral, Analog, voice/music, Video, communication, miscellaneous.

Should you looking for any components. Please feel free to let us know and we shall quote within 24 hrs.

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Well, I've just opened this eshop... http://dsmcz.com/presta/en/

Yes I know it's shameless advertising, but opposed to a lot of the surplus firms out there, about 30% of my stock really is surplus from electronic factories, at the prices you used to be able to get surplus components at...

Sorry, I sound like a salesman, I suppose I am, but I've only launched the site today, got to start somewhere...

A shameless plug you dug deep to make. This thread is over 4 years old. So you went way out of your way to make this plug. :(

Zeebad7 years ago
 Kiteman - there's Supply Shop over at http://www.supplyshop.co.uk   ... they're also on e-bay, with fast shipping and good prices too !
UltraMagnus8 years ago
Plasmana9 years ago
Try Farnell ( http://www.farnell.com/ ), they sell a very wide range of electronic components cheaply.
evilboy949410 years ago
you can get cheap electronics from www.rapidonline.com
phenoptix10 years ago
My website is pretty competitive for LEDs, resistors and kynar wire. I won't link it in here as I don't want to look like a spammer!! If you google phenoptix, it's the first site you get.
josh9217610 years ago
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