Where to buy large glass tubes?

I need several glass tubes (10-20) that are around 30-40mm in diameter and 6 feet long. They also can't be rediculously expensive, I've been searching for a while, but all I've been able to find is glass with a length of 4 feet and a diameter of like 10mm. Any help?

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Gjdj38 years ago
The real question is, what for?
Gjdj3 Gjdj38 years ago
Scratch that, I found the comment explaining it.
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
you can get a 1inch diameter tube if you empty out florescent lights
This jogged an old memory. Mother's Energy Efficiency Book, 1983, Mother Earth News, has an article about using discarded fluorescent tubes as collector pipes.

The article describes making a "tube cutting tool," wrapping a short length of .034 in. stainless steel wire around the tubes, then energizing with a 12V car battery. When the glass cools, it does so unevenly and breaks cleanly at the heated line...
it would be best to first score the glass, then get the wire cutting tool
I dunno, never tried it. The author probably cut hundreds of tubes to arrive at the technique (his collector panels used 29 tubes each.) Scoring doesn't seem necessary; the wire melts into the surface. Other techniques would work, for sure. He also recommends filling the tubes with sandblasting sand and tip repeatedly to remove the inner coating...
guyfrom7up (author)  gmoon8 years ago
what should I do about the mercury? I need 16 tubes, and one isn't that big of a deal, but 16 seems to be a little dangerous. I don't want any drain bramage xD
just make sure you empty them out carefully, maybe wear a mask
The glass is very thin, it is very likely to be unsuitable for the high-vac work guyfrom7up wants to do.

he was going to make "giant nixie bargraph displays"

i'm pretty sure that nixie tubes have some gas inside

however , i could be wrong
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