Where to buy polyurethane resin/foam in UK?

Hi guys, Do any UK people know of nice suitable places to purchase the two-part polyurethane resin that mix together for making casts from moulds? Or the polyurethane foam that expands a bit when it cures? There's two places on eBay (TOMPS and another) but at £24 a kg with high postage costs, I was wondering if there's any bricks & mortar places I can pick it up, or other online places to buy the foam? I'm using it to thicken the shell of a Pepakura helmet so there's stuff to sand down. Any pointers please?

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skunkbait9 years ago
Years ago I saw a resin made out of styrofoam and petrol. I don't remember the mixture ratio, but that would be something cheap to play with.
I just saw the bit about the helmet, hell hit an art supplies shop mate, much easier, there are a tonne of ways to sculpt and cast with stuff, even car body filler, which also takes paint very well...
chiok (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
I probably should have been a bit more specific in my casting. What I mean is that I want to roto-cast (slush cast) inside a mould in a few layers to build up the shell by a few millimetres. Hobbycraft was surprisingly understocked for resins. Polyester resin used for fibreglass is the only I can find in person but I don't want to use that for making a shell as it's too brittle. Thanks for your pointer on Polycil.com, but they have no distributors in the UK unfortunately.
Well it might be lower down the chain but I personally know a distributor of their stuff, guess that interblag never works... Anyway you could try a lot of stuff, if you are willing to hand make then body filler works... Other than that try hitting B&Q or homebase and having a poke through their resins and epoxies aisle, they might have something of use, I've seen casting resins there before...
Umm I used to work with stuff fromt he same place except not for casting, we did a few casts with it and it was great, try polycil.com and hit their local dealer search, they make a lot of the stuff for different purposes. One word of warning the stuff will come with a big label on the side that say "causes cancer" it used to say something about mice, the mice are gone. Also if it attempts to set on you isopropyl alcohol or liquid washing up liquid will stop it from setting, we found that out by luck, my dad nearly lost his hair when a tyre full blew up...
LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Pepakura? as in the 3d paper thing? Great stuff is a type of expanding foam thats usually pretty cheap, besides you won't need a Kg for one or two helmets