Where to buy tobacco seeds

everyone hates the rising prices of our luxurys so i have done some research and found out that growing your own tobacco IS NOT ILEGAL

my question is can you buy tobacco seeds over the counter anywhere in the south west ???

someone please help me lol


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I think its pretty hard to find any tobacco seeds locally at a store. Maybe try posting in the wanted section of you local craigslist. If that doesn't work there are plenty of different places to order them online. I have some for sale here if you want to check them out. The pictures are of a small group of Virginia Gold plants My wife grew for their pretty flowers.

tobacco seeds for sale 3.JPGtobacco seeds for sale 5.JPG
caitlinsdad5 years ago
at the illegal seed store? Does it grow wild anywhere? It looks like basil on steroids. I would think that the commercial producers all have some genetically engineered proprietary strain of the plant and would be kept under heavy guard. I don't know but there may be some tough optimal growing conditions that it needs and then you would need to figure out the curing and drying process. Some here, probably subject matter experts, would say growing and using weeds would be easier. I dunno.
Actually it's super easy to grow, and there are curing and drying instructions on this DIY website called Instructables (google it).

Over the counter? No idea. Plenty of seed suppliers online
How can I search for google?
Use Yahoo to search for Google. :)
there are many shops on internet, google it...
or ask your friend
just google seed shops
Try dogpile
Commercial producers do not buy seeds, but rather "plants" (like one NORMALLY buys tomato plants, rather then start the seed in January inside somewhere).
PS: While I was a young stripe, our neighbors had a very VERY small field of it (less then a quarter acre) where they planted the plants, and even then, they had to plant early, cover with plastic and steam them to keep them warm when it got too cold.
i got a variety from cannada on ebay "huge leaf" some of the plants will last through the winter if there is not to much frost. i got seeds for the first time last year does any1 know how long they will last if i keep them safe
Jack Bash4 years ago
The Tobacco Seed Company has been around for over 10 years and has over 50 types of smokers tobacco seeds. We're based in the UK, but can get seeds over to the USA in a matter of days.
Qcks4 years ago
Tobacco can be a fussy plant. From things i've read, it needs a lot of water, so the south west may not offer ideal growing conditions for established cultivars.

Have you considered something like this?

it's a wild species that grows in the southwest. you'll have to find a plant and get the seeds, but... using it is free.
ilpug4 years ago
Here in Northern California it grows super easily. Toss some seeds in the ground, water it once a week or more, break off cleanly any leaves that get bug damage (rare) and then when the time is right, pick and dry.

I don't know if it is illegal to grow here in California, but if it is illegal to grow anywhere, it would be here.
bmccaffrey4 years ago
if you want tobacco seeds for a low price go to red wood city seed.com pros first pack is 4.00 every pack after the first thay are 10 cents another pro is you dont need a credit card just get a money order cons if you live on the east coast like me it takes a long time to get the packege it took me at least 6 weeks

if you have coments or qustions email me at campingfuelking@aol.com
aeray5 years ago
Native Seed Search has a bunch of varieties here. They are located in Tucson, AZ.
aeray aeray5 years ago
Oh. Now I see that you are in Devon. I assumed that you meant the Southwestern US.