Where to find brass sheeting?

I'm planning a project involving but I'm unsure about where to find brass sheeting. Anyone know?

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NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Automotive and industrial supplies will often carry brass sheets for shim stock (spacers).
Are they like full sheets that you just cut to size? 

Skunkpunk is considering a "steampunk" oil tank for the '73 Shovelhead, and is planning to fabricate one from either brass or copper.
.  Most of the ones I've seen were 0.5-4" wide. I've always assumed they made it in wider sheets for big honkin' bearings.
.  Sounds like a most excellent idea.
He's redoing the clutch this week (it's slipped for the last 2000 miles).  After that he's putting my '79 Sporty together (when I can afford all the gaskets). 

Skunkbait Jr is halfway through chopping an old 250 Rebel.   He turns 14 in May and wants something to get around on.
.  Send him down here and he can finish putting the Mustang together. ;)
He's mostly tied up at the airport right now, helping an old man build an airplane.

But once it's in the air, he'd probably be glad to help another old man put together a ponycar.
.  The airplane sounds like a very interesting project. He ought to learn a lot.
Yea, he comes in every day using technical terms I've never heard.  I'm so proud:)

He's looking to buy his own hangar and start building his own.
.  A Hillbilly with a Pilot's License. <shudder> Now that's scary!   heehee
He's been hangin around a bunch of crop dusters.  If a crop duster lives to be 40, and doesn't drink the profits, he'll live to be one of the richest rednecks around.
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