Where to find large sheets of cardboard

I know back a few years ago you could get huge sheets of cardboard from Home Depot and it was some great stuff, but now they dont do it. Does anyone know where to find large sheets of honey com or 3 ply cardboard these days? Or any 4' x 8' sheets. Thanks, Ethan.

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Toga_Dan1 month ago

try appliance places. Fridge, washer dryer, etc.

you can go to Costco.

Bike shops have large, strong cardboard boxes that they are only too glad to get rid of. I use my local one quite regularly; if you take in a packet of biscuits for them they will love you for ever.
lemonie8 years ago
Large cardboard boxes, look in commercial waste bins (attached to retail / industry) L
caitlinsdad8 years ago
I'm guessing you do not want to buy it from a cardboard supplier so the best bet is to get a gallon of glue and make it from cardboard boxes you scavenge from places that sell appliances or maybe furniture. You can just piece them together and laminate it to the thickness or strength you need. Good luck.