Where'd my forum go?

Can someone help me? I had put up a forum about League of Legends, and its gone now. I dont understand why, but did I violate a rule? Am I not allowed to advertise it? Can someone please help me?

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milanooco2 years ago


Kiteman4 years ago
Have you read the site's Terms of Service?
Senior Waffleman (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
No, I probably should, but before I posted it, when I pressed preview, it said "Double Post!" And I didn't understand, because it wasn't published yet.

hey i am not going to publish mine because I messed up on it

"Double post" my common problem here so I spend my other time deleting it. I don't know if it is my connection or it really takes time to load.
Senior Waffleman (author)  dumber2944 years ago
It did say double post, but that was an accident, i was trying to preview it, and i clicked it twice because i didnt realize i was forgetting some info, and then when i did, it let me through, so idk what happened exactly.
caitlinsdad4 years ago
You are only allowed to spam Autodesk branded products.
Senior Waffleman (author)  caitlinsdad4 years ago
Thanks dad.