Which Cellphone watch with camera should I buy?

Hello, I want to buy a cellhpone watch with camera. I have a Casio Wristcam WQV-3 but it is broken and had only 0.25 Megapixel ;-) Unfortunaly there are many different models. The descriptions at ebay, dealextreme.com. sonicdigitals.info, eemobi.cn etc. are long but there is nothing about menus/usability, thickness, quality and so on. On youtube a few videos can be found, but not for all models. Maybee someone here has one? "Wishlist": 1.Cardslot, not internal only 2.1,3 Megapixel Cam. Sample Pictures? (Blog, Flickr, Own..) 3.Videorecording 4.Touchscreen 5.Writing/Grafiti, not only virtual keyboard 6.Sketchpad, even with the low resoulution 7.Thin (some are very thick) 8.J2ME or another posibility to write programms German letters would be nice, but optional. Should cost arround $200 incl. shipping+tax to europe or a tad more/less. Unfortunaly so far I could only find the q007 with Java/midp2 support, but it has only 128 MB build in and no extension slot. Thanks in advance!

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rhettsmile7 years ago
hehe, I have read your demand

If you want to find a  wrist watch phone with Bluetooth, Camera, Touchscreen, it's a easy thing, but you need a watch phone with a sketchpad, J2ME, this is a troublesome business, may be I can recommend a site for you, there are many different watch phones in the mobile phone list, you can search in it.
the site is:
schorhr (author)  rhettsmile7 years ago
Thank you for your reply.
The site has many different watch phones, but nearly all links in the product category lead to "product not found", and feature banners lead to different products then on the immage.
Also, from the products I was able to view, I'dd say it is the same thing. The box says 1,3 Megapixel, the shop says 1,3mp, but it is just interpolated VGA resolution. Also, what I got told by a chinese seller, is that "java" often simply referrs to build in games, without actually providing j2me or java functionality. 
schorhr (author)  billalice9 years ago
Hello, as you might have read I have looked for many watch phone; As it seems (and one Hong Kong dealer told so myself) the stats are not allways correct. You can see this if you read the feature list of the F1: 1,4" TFT 320x240 This is highly doubtable. Also keep in mind that most "1,3 Megapixel Camera" will actually only have 640x480 (0,3 MP)! Java is another issue why returned my watchphone: Those watches wich have "Java" on the description or even on the box usualy have games installed (but no real java / j2me / mdip support). The only dealer that told me via email for certain that their watch supports Java2me ("...we will publish a developer kit...") was vanderled, but their watch costs 299 Euro- so about 440 Dollars excluding shipping. Also it seems to be not available at the moment. I think these "first generation all in one watch+camera+phone" devices are just not ready yet. Lots of false specs, copied models, and they are really, really huge- I can not stress that enough. Especially the ones with cameras are just LARGE beyond comfort (and I am neither skinny nor do I usualy care about watch size)
billalice9 years ago
Has anyone buy the F1 watch phone from totobay ? what's the watch phone model can support Java function ? Thanks.
br34k9 years ago
Hey schorhr, have you received the phone... any views on it? Does it support java apps?
schorhr (author)  br34k9 years ago
schorhr (author)  br34k9 years ago
Received it yesturday. Its the 128 MB version, even though 1024 MB was advertised. Only VGA/640x480/0.3 Megapixel are selectable, not the advertised 1.3 (which are even advertised on the box!) The german shop shipped the wrong color, too. Java does not work, at least there is no way to install it (not a recognized filetype in the watch file manager). If you can live with a VERRRY large watch, VGA Camera and 128 MB memory, it is really neat. The software works fine, though the letter recognition delay could be shorter. As soon as I get on my fiancees laptop I will finish editing the video snapshots I made and post again. I might order a m810 watch or so since I found a german seller at ebay and a webshop that offer a few different models, maybee I will go for the v2, I am not sure yet. I will really miss the 1.66" TFT, it was huge and was a bit of an excuse for the thickness of the device. The 1.3" TFT watchphones are still (almost) as thick and I doubt 1.3" will be as easy to use with a finger instead of the mini stylus thats parked in the wrist. My advice for anyone that wants a watchphone: Get it localy or somewhere with a no-questions-asked return service (which is standard for mailorders in many european countries anyway). They are thick, at least the models with camera. Do not believe everything advertised... be prepared that the resolution is not as high and java will only work on a few models out there- probably only on the 300 Euro versions not the 100-150 Euro models from ebay and other sources. (if you know one that supports java/j2me for sure, please let me know). More soon.
schorhr (author)  br34k9 years ago
Unfortunaly not yet, else I'dd have posted a review for sure ;-) The (german) company does not have it in stock as they promised when i called them up, so now they receive the watch from their warehouse in Hong Kong. According to their mail from last week it was sent monday and arrived there today, so I might get it by mail tomorrow- if I am lucky and IF it really arrived in germany allready. Its hard to believe they ship it across the world in three days, but who knows. Are you thinking of buying one as well? If so, what kind?
You'd be amazed, we can get post to america from UK in a few days using our awful royal mail... I'd say germany's mail system's better, judging on what I've seen from our dealings with them.
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