Which Instructables are near me? -- Update your zipcode

In a fast-approaching update to Instructables, we are planning to add zipcode information to profile pages and Instructables. With this information, you'll be able to find Instructables or community members that are nearby. You can already do a limited location-based search using our "location" information (see who's near our control tower in Alameda, for example), but zipcode or postal code will make this better, more accurate, and easier to place on an interactive map.

We're announcing this ahead of the release so you can add your zipcode in, or remove it if that's your choice, before anything goes live. Make changes here:

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Derin9 years ago
What is the format for postal code for outside of the US?Because AFAIK there is a American zipcode that is the same as my postal code(IDK for sure)
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Derin Derin9 years ago
however,I have already typed my postal code,06810.
turk robot.gif
Derin9 years ago
u be quiet,I am at Turkey *starts making a lake from teardrops*
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RelyNupon9 years ago
wheres Waldo?
whats Waldo?
Waldo's proper name is Wally (before any Americans jump up and down to shout about the name: "For the initial UK release of Martin Handford's book in 1987, he titled the character "Wally".)
ll.13 Kiteman9 years ago
It is Where's Wally, always has, always will!
RelyNupon ll.139 years ago
Où est Charlie?
some dude that gets lost and you have to find him. when i find Waldo i will give him a GPS
I dont understand why anyone here thinks someone is going to stalk them.
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