Which K'Nex Guns Can I Build?

Christy gave me the 400 piece Value Tub of K'Nex. I've built the ultralight, and it wasn't particularly rewarding. So, which guns can I build with the pieces I have? I took a picture of the parts list so you can see what I have to work with.

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bunduk8 years ago
DJ Radio bunduk8 years ago
I think he could build it.
ironman698 years ago
LOL AWSOME u like k'nex!!! u should buy Knex of ebay I got a 150+ pound lot for like $100!!
shipping must have put you back a bit
Lol, definitely, but I'd pay 3 times as much as he paid for that.
that isn't bad though, 150 lbs is probably enough for a few sr-v1's
Depends what pieces he got. And 150lbs is nearly 70kgs. That is the weight of an average human. Unlikely.
Wafflicious8 years ago
your virus looks like a face sucker from AVP
TheDunkis8 years ago
Alright knexers just a quick message I'm sure he's just trying to connect to all corners of the community (in this case the North Pole of the Earth that is Instructables) and isn't going to be super dedicated to gun building. He got a small set as a gift and was curious. It would be cool if he got more pieces to build something but chances are he isn't going to get a vast amount of pieces (or at least just to build little plastic things that shoot) so don't get too hyped about him buying more knex. *smirks* ...But if you do happen to get more pieces I'd go with one of my pistols =D
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