Which Should i get?

I'm planning on getting a one ring replica for less than 30 bucks, i have been searching around i cant decide which one of these two to get
I want one that will last a while, I'm no good with metals so i don't know which is better.



(I'm shooting for 2 but i wanted a second opinion)


canucksgirl2 years ago
Both of them are merely "etched" versus engraved, so from a couple feet away, you probably won't even notice the writing. The first one is only stainless steel, with a "gold" color... Not sure what that means exactly (since steel isn't yellow). The second one is gold at least, but only plated, so beware that its likely to wear away over time (such as around the edges from rubbing against a chain). So, if I had to chose one, it'd go with the second one, and I'd use a black leather jewelry cord (instead of the cheap chain they may provide) so that a) you don't lose it, and b) it minimizes the wear.
monsterlego (author)  canucksgirl2 years ago
i cant find a good engraved one. people seem to like the gold/steel, but i dont trust the etching, hmm... (maybe i should get both :P)
You could always buy a plain ring, get a copy of the text and find a jeweller that will actually engrave it in for you! They can probably add something inside the engraving to make it stand out more. I doubt that it'll cost that much, and you'll get exactly what you want!

Or talk to MrBalleng. He's the jewelry guru around here. He may have some tips or might be willing to help you out if he can write the Instructable for it?!
Tricorvus2 years ago
I know jack about good jewelry, but I would go with the 2nd one, if it were me. Gee, that Elvish is pretty....
Kiteman2 years ago
For both rings, the permanence of the decoration is a worry - it seems to be very shallowly etched into the plating.

A worn ring gets a lot more wear and tear than you might think, so I would investigate both rings to find out how the decoration is made and protected.
monsterlego (author)  Kiteman2 years ago
Not sure how to do that, but i'll be wearing it on a chain most of the time
You could contact the sellers, and ask...
Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago
(I just re-read that last sentence. It makes sense, really.)