Which gun do you want first?

Ok, I am having a difficult time deciding on which v2 to work on first. I am building v2's on all of them, but I want to see which one you want first.

vote choices:
  • SPEC-9 v2 (i figured out how to make it use less parts so I can finish it now)
  • Jackal .357 v2 (may be renamed if I build it). Also specify if you want a mag on this gun or not if you vote for it
  • RX-bow v2

Closing date is this thursday, 12:00 noon central time.


a unaminous vote for the SPEC-9 v2 means ill build that (came in form of Longbow v2)

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DrWeird1178 years ago
That semi-auto revolver.
DJ Radio (author)  DrWeird1178 years ago
first of all, that wasnt an option. second, when I built it, someone told me my mech was not semi-auto, so I scrapped the project since it shot 6 inches.
6 is better than nothing. ; )
my 50 ft true semi auto is coming! no joke
barrax barrax8 years ago
oops pics.
Looks like a skinny Boomshot.
Looks big and messy but hey as long as it's a true semi auto with decent power I'm happy, barrax obama?
you should be able to see it in your unpublished ' Can you build it?
Sorry I dont' have the pieces open at the moment otherwise I would.
oh well. I finally looked at Jamalams 222. damn
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