Which is better?? PS2 or X-Box??

This is what ive always wanted to know.... I bet you some idiot is gonna say... PC or Gameboy or GC. it always happens.

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nfk115 years ago
anyone xbox and i like you.freind like you so dont get mixed up.
nfk115 years ago
i cant play my xbox
Um I have both, I would say Xbox if your older and theres not going to be little kids playing, If there is going to be little kid get a Wii, there fun for all ages!!!
Yeah unless you like playing actually games (unlike crap like brain age) lol.
CapnTac Aeshir6 years ago
Yeah, you're right. I still wuv my Wii though, especially the Homebrew channel. In all seriousness, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex isn't all that bad on Wii.
yeah lol
xACIDITYx8 years ago
The guy with the profile picture of "HALO" says ps2...hahaha..... But i would have to go with the original Xbox over the Playstation 2 for a couple of reasons: 1. Built in Hard drive. 2. I had 2 PS2s and both broke. had this xbox for a while now and no problems. 3. Better graphics (in my opinion) along with better games on it's system (e.g. Halo series. Also my opinion.)
That's Halflife, not Halo.
DJ Radio6 years ago
For the next gen consoles: I think xbox 360 is better

Why: More games for it than the PS3, you can hook it up to your network, has a few exclusives that I like to play (halo), the only thing I dislike about it is that you have to pay for online play with a few exceptions.
nfk116 years ago
the guy who said another guy has a halo picture,its actually half life picture.
musick_086 years ago


ReCreate6 years ago
But i'd say PS2
ReCreate6 years ago
 Pretty much the same at a fundamental level.
qwertyboy6 years ago
PS2, period.

I have a PS3 now and it is the best console ever. Some of the reasons that it is the best:
1) Free online play
2) Ability to surf the internet (xbox 360 only has Facebook)
3) Ability to install bigger hard drive INTERNALLY without voiding the warranty (even the manual says how to do it)
nfk116 years ago
if you go to game stop.com they have almost every game.
nfk116 years ago
x box is awesome
shankworks8 years ago
PS2 is my favorite for a few reasons. First it has more games than xbox. This alone could be the top reason that it is better than xbox. The only reason i ever bought an xbox was to do the mod of swapping in a bigger hard drive full of games (which i never got around to), then i learned you can do something similar with the ps2 using the broadband modem and a regular HD. The final reason i would say ps2 is better is that i have played a many xboxes and ps2s and the xbox is the only system that freezes up mid game. This can really mess up your progress. The ps2 tends to get dirty inside, but a quick clean of the laser's lense with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol and its almost good as new...
The PS2 has frozen on me at least 10 times. 
It tends to start doing that after a while, mine does it a lot and it also freezes while playing DVDs
Bert996 years ago
Tom Buckey6 years ago
===PS3=== lol
DJ Radio7 years ago
PS2. xbox isnt supported anymore, and it was clunky and bulky.
Flumpkins7 years ago
Well I had Xbox and my brother had PS2 and XBOX. Ps2 came out first am I right? But Xbox stopped making games. Now I own A PS3 and my bro had Xbox 360. I'm voting for PS2
But Xbox stopped making games

I mean but xbox stopped making games first
Plasmana7 years ago
awsome8 years ago
PS2!PS2!PS2! By far! 4 1 they dont over heat and burn your house down.
buterSBob298 years ago
its a lion8 years ago
the ps2. the only thing that the xbox really had for it imo was halo. at least that was the only game i ever bought for ours. the ps2 had alot of great games on it. the xbox's graphics were nicer, but the ps2 just seemed to have better games i think. of course if i had to choose out of all the systems, the pc wins, even though im not supposed to pick it...
theKNEXfolo8 years ago
pc has awesum games tht u can just download for free like war rock and soldier fornt and others =o awesum!
theKNEXfolo8 years ago
did u hear tht xbox is making sum type of psp but its called the xbox 180. freaky!
theKNEXfolo8 years ago
man im gonna hve to go with xbox even tho i have a ps2..just becuz xbox has halo.now sony tht just aint cool get halo on ur side! and then i wood say ps2
I'm voting for PS2. I don't really care much for the XBOX, but I suppose it depends on what genre of games you like. PS2 also has a bigger game library, which is nice. :)
crestind8 years ago
PS2, because the XBOX is a lumbering behemoth. But 360 > PS3 now that my favorite games are all on 360 :)
Aeshir8 years ago
Eksbawks (xbox), because I personally hate the Playstation controller and the Xbox is more powerful (SHINYYYY HALOOOOOOOO...) and you can rip CDs to it and crap. The PS2 has more games of course though but not by a whole lot I guess...
Easy Button9 years ago
xbox because it has halo1,2,and3
Lol not 3, that's on 360 xD
teh_pyroazn (author) 9 years ago
gee thanks...
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Atari 2600. ;)
teh_pyroazn (author) 9 years ago
PS2 all the WAYYY!!!! For me anyway, but please say why in your responce