Which is the best way to buy more knex?

I need help buying new knex because I live in uk and its very hard to come by sets such as screamin serpent, rippin rocket, giant ferris wheels and stuff like that. Any ideas on how i should by more knex? (by that i mean whether i should buy it in spare pieces or in the very few decent sets available in the uk)

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arjun16 years ago
is knex user goup any good
according to alot of people ebay
or yard sales
or make youown
Ebay. I got 15000-20000 for just under a hundred pounds. Just to show how cheap that is a set of 500 pieces here is £35.
Der Bradly8 years ago
Buy some.
noobererer8 years ago
I have heard a alot of people say ebay the past few weeks but i dont know what would be a good deal, can some1 find an example or something? or at least let people know what we should be aiming for as far as $ per parts thanks
The_Lost_Carrot (author) 8 years ago
i agree
noobererer8 years ago
I hate all the shipping and handling fees from the interent. they're always like friken $20 or more!
Kiteman8 years ago
Toymaster sell Dragon's Drop and a Ferris Wheel online to the UK.
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