Which pizza type do you like best

Hello guys,

I am a big pizza fan , and would like to hear from you which pizza type do you like best :

The option would be : American Pizza ( thick crust, new york style ) or Italian Pizza ( Thin crust )

Thank you

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thin crust, fresh mozzarella cheese (shredded from a ball and a thin layer), fresh mushroom, home made tomato sauce, a little speck or other Italian deli meat :-) Yummy.

Iitalian,I love tin crust!

I love capsicum pizza. And I generally make it at home only.
There is more than red sauce based pizza. i.e. https://www.instructables.com/id/Pizza-bianco/  You might want to diversity. Do not get me wrong. I love an old fashioned pepperoni pizza as much as anyone else. Sometimes you just want a change.
flavrt4 years ago
The best pizza is the one you have in hand.
kkeagan5 years ago
i make up a white bread dough in my breadmaker cut it into 8 and roll out into pizzas..if you put them out to rise on the kitchen table don't forget to put a sign up as to what is under the cloth and what you will do to them if they don't take note...lol
the family make up their own pizza out of whatever i put out
stolen pizza always tastes the best !
Moem5 years ago
Italian. Preferrably home-made.
+1. It doesn't get much better than homemade.
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