Which pizza type do you like best

Hello guys,

I am a big pizza fan , and would like to hear from you which pizza type do you like best :

The option would be : American Pizza ( thick crust, new york style ) or Italian Pizza ( Thin crust )

Thank you

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thin crust, fresh mozzarella cheese (shredded from a ball and a thin layer), fresh mushroom, home made tomato sauce, a little speck or other Italian deli meat :-) Yummy.

Iitalian,I love tin crust!

I love capsicum pizza. And I generally make it at home only.
There is more than red sauce based pizza. i.e. https://www.instructables.com/id/Pizza-bianco/  You might want to diversity. Do not get me wrong. I love an old fashioned pepperoni pizza as much as anyone else. Sometimes you just want a change.
flavrt4 years ago
The best pizza is the one you have in hand.
kkeagan5 years ago
i make up a white bread dough in my breadmaker cut it into 8 and roll out into pizzas..if you put them out to rise on the kitchen table don't forget to put a sign up as to what is under the cloth and what you will do to them if they don't take note...lol
the family make up their own pizza out of whatever i put out
stolen pizza always tastes the best !
Moem5 years ago
Italian. Preferrably home-made.
+1. It doesn't get much better than homemade.
A friend of mine who had the opportunity to visit Italy, mentioned how different the pizza's there are compared to what he now refers to as our "garbage" pizza's. Everything was "home made" and fresh (no canned/jarred sauce, in fact, they rarely used tomato sauce in the village he stayed at).
davrq Goodhart5 years ago
Here in Italy usually pizza is always home made, or kinda: you go in a pizzeria and you can eat a just done fresh pizza.
Isn't always true second thing you said, no canned sauce, because do the sauce with fresh tomatoes or use chopped tomatoes is a bit too much long and too expensive, while use canned tomatoes allow you to have a high quality pizza shortening times and lowering outgoings.
Ye, we see 'your' pizza as garbage, but i don't like use this term. Just we have another food culture, we combine foods without just make a mix (pepperoni, ham, green peppers, onions, olives, yellow peppers, mushrooms? seriously?).
A simple pizza is a good pizza, like mushrooms and ham, or capers and anchovies (my favorite).
Goodhart davrq5 years ago
We have a pizzaria known as Grottos, that uses ALL fresh stuff, from grated cheeses to fresh veggies. Of the "shops" it is one of THE best.....but the recipe a friend of mine brought home from Italy last year is VERY simple (no tomoato sauce) with cheese and veggies.......best one I have EVER tasted.
love2mejack5 years ago
I Like big cheees mushrooms pizza with lots of cheese..
Abnar5 years ago
Hi All,
I like chiken fajita pizza most and best pizza I ate is of pizza hut. I have tried many other famous pizza chains also but found pizza hut pizza most delicious. Doe anyone know recipe of chicken fajita pizza recpie and like to share with me?
Lucky7x75 years ago
White pizza with tomato and basil. yum
Deluxe chicago style pizza. pepperoni, ham, green peppers, onions, olives, yellow peppers, mushrooms. Mmmm..
caitlinsdad5 years ago
What are you talking about? No one in America calls it American Pizza, there is thick crust deep dish or pan which is Chicago style. Thin crust or Neopolitan is the standard regular round pizza in New York City which is sometimes called New York style, served by the slice - more money to be made that way. Thick crust pizza, usually in a square shape is Sicilian style pizza. I prefer a regular slice with sausage, big enough to fold down the center with the grease dripping out the back, cheese oozing out the front, sauce not too heavy but flavorful, crust nice and crispy with a random burnt air pocket, all with a hint of smokiness, if not from a coal fired oven then the char from a "good dirty" oven.
The author's profile claims he's from Bucharest. I would say that someone in Eastern Europe might legitimately describe thick-crust pizza, which is not typically found in Italy, as "American style", and proper thin-crust (usually made on a semi-crisp flatbread) as "Italian style".
SpagoPizza (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Yes, you are completly right , in Europe we call it American Pizza.
some of us in "America" call our pizza's "slop" :-)
SpagoPizza (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
Yes, you are right
and lettuce not forget about California style pizza.
I think "California style" just means you throw non-traditional ingredients on top. Do it for long enough, and they become "traditional" (like ham and pineapple, aka "Hawaiian pizza").

Despite my love for traditional Roman pizza Margherita, one of the best dinner pizzas I've had was smoked salmon and capers, with light cream-cheese and dill sauce under it. No other cheese, and no tomatoes, but thin slivers of red onion added spice. Essentially a nova lox bagel in pizza form.
Pizza with a schmear. My neighborhood is filled with kosher pizza joints.
A friend of mine, who was recently in Italy, said their pizzas are nothing like ours. Many places don't smother it in tomato sauce (some use none at all) and always fresh everything (although, how one can call moldy milk, i.e. cheese, fresh is beyond me ;-) Since everything is SO expensive over there, they shoot for enhanced flavor, rather then bulk in their foods.
onrust5 years ago
For me there is no competition here. I love them both. Tick or thin and till the day I die.
max2615 years ago
Pizza with chicen very nice))))
Garlic pizza !!
sammark1675 years ago
Italian Pizza. wonderful indeed got a lot that here in New Jersey. tried hundreds Americanized pizza is almost like an imitation of its superior. doesn't matter if thick or thin, flavors and sauces whether its veg. with lots of cheese or lots of tomatoes, spices and all that jojooos. The secret is where you cook it and how you cook it, nothing beats old school cooking. Jersey baby!!!
I love both thin crusted spicy pimiento pizza... and Hawaiian overload with lots of meat toppings and oozing with red and green bell peppers... umm.. makes me feel hungrier than ever... :)
I'm going to have to break the streak and go with American :)
bajablue5 years ago
Italian American.

Di Giorno... self rising crust
Enlat5 years ago
Yes, Italian Pizza =)
Depending on what part of Italy, Sicily and or Sardinia, the pizzas are different. Personally. we make it ourselves . I will not eat at an American pizza place unless I have to. Pizza is so darn easy to make. Sometimes I like the thin pizza traditionally known as rag bread, or I might go for something more like focaccia. Just depends. As for toppings, what's in the fridge?
monsterlego5 years ago
BBQ chicken... with the thickest cheese filled crust you can imagine
Goodhart5 years ago
I like Italian pizza that has NOT been Americanized.....no tomato sauce, medium thick crust, lay down some cheese, then some peppers, tomatoes, etc. on top, a little spice and that is a great pizza if done correctly.
onlinevicky5 years ago
Italian Pizza. it is wonderful
SpagoPizza (author) 5 years ago
Italian Pizza