Which soda is the best?

I suddenly got this idea to post a topic in which soda is the best. If this topic has already been posted, please notify me so that I can remove it. Votes will be closed at October 15. The winning soda will be announced after I count all the votes (either the 15th or 16th), and whoever voted for the winning soda gets the good feeling of being better than everyone else. Capiche? (8.12.08) EDIT: Wow. I never thought this would become so popular in about... 5 days. Thanks for voting, everyone! RULES: 1. You may vote for up to three DIFFERENT sodas, once each time. 2. You may not vote more than once. 3. You may not start a conversation with someone on this forum that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. 4. There is no #4. 5. Your choices are: Anything you like that's a soda. Remember to keep your votes to up to 3 different sodas. Nothing alcoholic, please. EDIT (8.13.08, somewhere around 12 PM Central Time) The results so far. In first: Coke with 5 votes. In second: Jones with 4 votes. And the sodas tied for third: Root Beer, Cream Soda, and Dr. Pepper, each with 3 votes. Sodas with 2 votes: Mountain Dew, Diet Coke. Pepsi, and Canada Dry. Sodas with 1 vote: SURGE!!!!!!, Virgin Cuba Libre, Sprite, Sprite Remix (-_-;;), Vanilla Coke, Sunkist, Cherry Coke, Fresca, Limca, and 7-Up. Thanks again for voting, everyone!

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techguru144 years ago
Root beer!!!
zascecs7 years ago
JohnJY7 years ago
 Inka Cola and Big Red. They taste like bubble gum!
n8man9 years ago
Dr. Pepper Orange Cream Soda Sprite
Dr. Cool9 years ago
1 Barqs rootbear 2 A W rootbear 3 any rottebeat!
V-Man7379 years ago
1. A&W Cream Soda
2. Dr. Pepper
3. Mountain Dew

I can't believe I had to add Cream Soda)
Heck yah cream soda FTW, except IBC is better...
*thinks really hard*
Yeah, I think you're right, IBC is slightly better.
ANYTHING in a glass bottle is better...
Like Stewart's.
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