Which transformers deluxe beast hunters figure do I buy?

I was wondering which Transformers BH deluxe figure is the best! I need at least 4 good ones. If you own one, than comment and please leave suggestions down below!

Picture of Which transformers deluxe beast hunters figure do I buy?
Triclaw2 months ago

new dinobots that where its at GRIMLOCK

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw1 month ago

I was thinking, maybe voyager Springer?

he is pretty Rad expecially if doing stop motion

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw1 month ago

I may not be able to find him at my local target though, do you think voyager Whirl is a good substitute?

ya he should be great

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw29 days ago

I'm actually very excited about the new Generations Voyager Brainstorm. I'm mostly excited because I think he is going to be a Headmaster figure. Which means, he's going to have a little robot to ride in him in jet mode. Then in robot mode, the little guy turns into Brainstorm's head! But even if he's not a Headmasters figure, he still looks cool! Here are a couple of pics.



that is awesome I remember the headmasters they wernt around very long but very cool

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw28 days ago

Here are some pictures of two versions of a Leader class Megatron. I was just wondering, would you get the classic version, or the Armada version? I think I would get the Armada version, just for the head sculpt alone! :D


i like the classic , the armada is more galvatron then megatron

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw24 days ago

I asked my sister which new generations figure she likes the best, and she picked deluxe Arcee!

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw27 days ago

Both Megatron and Galvatron are one and the same, just from different seasons of Transformers Armada. The first picture is Megatron, and the second, is Galvatron. (I watched most of Transformers Armada btw.)

It's okay, you made a common mistake! (;


Galvatron is Megatron yes but with the blood of unicron or power of unicron flowing through him making him a more powerful and menacing villain that is slightly insane I consider them 2 different personlaties

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw26 days ago

Ah, in G1, Unicron was responsible. In transformers armada, the Minicons were responsible for making Megatron into Galvatron. And in Armada, Megatron, and Galvatron, had the same personality. Galvatron was just stronger.

I just think you got Transformers Generation 1, and Transformers Armada mixed up.

That's okay though, I remember when I got all the old Transformers cartoons mixed up! (-;


Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw28 days ago

And here is Voyager Optimus Prime.

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw28 days ago

I think my sister may like Deluxe Chromia. Actually, I never know what she's going to like!


Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw28 days ago

I really like the concept. (Btw, this guy IS a headmasters figure, I looked it up!)

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw29 days ago

Here is a review of him by Baltmatrix:

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw1 month ago

I know of a Youtuber that uses springer for stop motions! His name is Absurdlyawesome.

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw2 months ago

Update: I've gotten a Generations deluxe Starscream, and an Age Of Extinction deluxe Bumblebee (who I am planning to repaint as Cliffjumper).

But keep on suggesting future purchases to me, I would appreciate it!

Triclaw1 month ago
Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw1 month ago

Wow! Cool design!

with out a doubt

Triclaw3 months ago

wheel jack cuz hes cooler

Craft maker infinity (author)  Triclaw3 months ago

I was thinking of getting the RID deluxe Vehicon, but Jackie looks cool too.

caitlinsdad3 months ago

I would say the Super Deluxe one would be the best. Which one do you like? Have you been to the store to see if you can break them testing out the quality fit and finish? Is there an appraised collectible value on these? Are you spending your own hard earned money or someone else's?

Craft maker infinity (author)  caitlinsdad3 months ago

Well, I was looking at some video reviews earlier, and I found the regular RID figures, to be better that the deluxe beast hunters line. I'm thinking of either Wheeljack, or a Vehicon. Also, I'm trying to get a small, well articulated, transformers prime figure, for stop motions. Also it would be my first transformers prime figure. So I want it to be a good figure, but small enough for stop motion video.

Ah, still the best advice is to try them out to see which works better for your animation videos. Good luck.

Craft maker infinity (author)  caitlinsdad3 months ago

I have another question. What do you mean by "trying them out"? Are you able to finically handle them and study them before actually purchasing them? Or do you mean something else?

Generally, since these are available in most big box stores or toy store chains found in the mall, you can look at them close up. Study the packaging if you cannot see through the plastic bubble. If not, you ask to see if they have a display model to touch. They do have some comic book stores or specialty stores like Forbidden Planet that have sci-fi/anime/etc that I've seen stock figurines/models for collectors. But just googling the various product descriptions where they are sold online or looking at fan forum discussions will give a clue to how good the product is.