Who Does Well Around Girls?

Who doesn't have trouble around the opisite gender? Who adores the females? Who can simply go up to a girl and have a decent conversation with them without choking or talking giberish? Who finds themselves decent looking for girls to like? Most embarresing situation with a girl? general questions. I personally am ok (and mildly ok) when they ask me a question or need me to help them. I have never started conversations with them but recently a girl that i really have fancied has tried to talk to about tv shows with me out of the blue. :D:D:D:D :P:P:P:P:P I am well chuffed about that. Thankfully i have not yet talked giberish to a girl. yay! I find myself decent looking for girls for me to like and perhaps attractive for them :P. My most embarresing situation with a girl was accidently slammin a door into her face because i did not know she was there. oops lol. Base your posts like that. : P And yes i do know i am curious! Btw susposed to be pic of girls : / heh heh?

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Wasagi10 years ago
Dude i'm really confused!! there's this girl who liked me last year, and she might still like me, the only problem is that she goes to a private school this year and none of her friends go to my school. I like her, but i never get to see her anymore, and none of my friends can help. HELP!
Wasagi Wasagi9 years ago
Good News! through soome weird chain of events, she's going to my school next year! Yay!
Mr. Rig It Wasagi10 years ago
Call her and tell her hello,or send and email or text message. Just be friendly.
The only prob is that I don't know her e-mail, and her friends aren't too thrilled about me..
Well there has to be someway to get her a message and ask her to call you. If not then you may have to move on the the next lucky lady.
Yeah.. but Most of her freinds (most somewhat good-looking) kinda have grudge against me...
Simply put, why?
Well, her best friend kind of started it, way back in fourth grade...
Hmmm... have you wronged them in some way? If so apologize. What is the grudge about?
It's complicated, do you want the full story or the abridged version, working on the apologizing thing, complicated seeing as they don't go to the same school as me...
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