Who actually likes the Altoids Mints?

Who actually likes the Altoids Mints? I just get them for the tins...

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Masterdude4 years ago
I like them, why, don't you? As for the containers, they are rather handy. There are lots of I'bles based on them (mini BBQ grill, hehehe). I see you've made one.
musuoka5 years ago
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weird... Never seen one in stores... must be a typical American thing...
actually, i'm in the U.S. and the only place I've seen an Altoids tin is online.
umm whats that supposed to mean!? americans are awesome thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
but they still couldn't figure out their own name for a sport
tech-king8 years ago
they dont have them in canada i dont think
yes they do have them in canada
really? where. i havent seen any in montreal.
Hmmmmm but they are in BC
I have never seen them, I was in the Kootenays for six years, now I am on the coast (near CR) and have still never seen them, other than on here ;)
Seleziona6 years ago
never see them in stores, but when i do, i just gobble up the mints! Then i do something with the tin (like freshen my room :)
i love um!
I love the cinnamon ones, the chocolate cinnamon ones are ok also. I usually stay away from the peppermint ones.
You are all Altoid Mints, except you Goodhart, you are a FF
I like Althoids, but they don't go fast enough for me to get tins for use here. They are sometimes hard to find....but then, so are Fisherman's Friend :-)
There hard to find? Every store I walk into they have theem (food store duh)
Mostly only the drug stores around here carry them, and then nearly always the spearmint ones, and not the peppermint ones :-)
i only get the aniseed ones
I like the strength of the peppermint as opposed to the spearmint ones.
Eew. I don't like the peppermint ones. The mint takes over the flavor, and they are bitter
Hmm, yours must get tainted somehow :-)
I like them, but I once ate a full kilogram of mint cake in one go, I have been known to ingest altoids at these rates... I also like the 'curiously strong mints' we get here, like altoids but stronger.
altoids ints arent accutally that storng even though they say they are
thats a slogan on the altoids
No altoids say something like the celebrated mints curiously strong in taste... These mints are simply called curiously strong mints...
good point
Aye they're strange ones, not found in much places but they're maybe twice as strong as altoids...
I like the mints, but I never make anything with the tins, and I don't know anyone near me who could use them.
D.L.H.6 years ago
Altoids tins and candies are both awesome.
dvnfntn7 years ago
i like the chocolate cinnamon ones
Redneck27 years ago
I only like the wintergreen altoids sm.alls I don't like the big ones at all
tarzioo7 years ago
they are good, like every now and then. Not like tic tacs mmm
do you mean you like them or not?
I do.
Chicken22097 years ago
I like Altoids! well the I buy the chocolate covered Cinnamon ones for a different reason I offer my friend a chocolate and the look on their face when they realize its not just chocolate I mean they don't taste that bad, but its a surprise
ha ha! now to find some chocolate covered cinnamon altoids.
daltonjcw7 years ago
how the heck can u not luv 'em? they are all good!
I like Fisherman's Friend.....Altoids are mild *chuckle*
Fisherman's Friend rock the socks
heh... yeah some are.
you're an Altoid Mint
FaqMan7 years ago
Haven't had a altoid in awhile have to go get more soon.
nerdologist8 years ago
I like the ginger kind. This is sad b/c I haven't seen them in stores for months...
the ginger ones are the bomb :) they got me hooked on dehydrated ginger, now that clears your sinuses !
Goodhart iman7 years ago
a quarter teaspoon of raw horseradish can do that too (clear your sinuses) ;-)
iman Goodhart7 years ago
yea that is good on a roast beef sandwich :)
Goodhart iman7 years ago
I definitely :-)
they sell them trader joes.
starwing1237 years ago
I only like the original type.
Cinnamon are are the best, the chocolate ones are pretty dece though.
The question really is who doesn't like Altoids
matsojr227 years ago
I like them...
Plasmana7 years ago
I like the mint ones the best.
I keep a tin in my car so that I'll have fresh breath before coming into contact with other humans. Plus they open up my sinuses :)
=SMART=7 years ago
well hell yea !!!
Sunbanks8 years ago
I only like the sour ones.
I kinda like the sour ones.
havnt seen them for awhile(must get sum
I can eat loads of them. Yum.
its a lion7 years ago
I'm addicted to them. I keep a tin out in my car, and every time I get out, I pop one (or two) into my mouth.
austinblan8 years ago
peppermint is the best!
Flumpkins8 years ago
Altoids are the best. I don't like the peppermint. Waaaayyyy too strong for me. I like spearmint, the dark chocolate dipped cinnamon... It's sll good except the peppermint.
Bitsi8 years ago
Only like the wintergreen ones. I have lots of empty tins waiting for me to get inspired and hack them. I tried the ginger-flavored altoids once and had to spit it out after 5 seconds. I couldn't believe it could taste so bad, so I asked everyone in my family to try them. No one could handle them.
sexycaddy Bitsi8 years ago
I love the ginger ones, especially the dark chocolate ones!!!
haven't tried the chocolate ones yet
=SMART=8 years ago
ME!! well i buy them 80% for the tin and 30% for the mints
u go to 110%
mason01908 years ago
i like reg sinnamon, and sours. I am partial to wintergren too.
cin and sours are the best i guess
I love them.
canida8 years ago
I think the normal ones are fine once in a while, though it would take me a LONG time to empty a tin. Not so sure about all the weird chocolate-dipped stuff.
Oh, the chocolate dipped ones are like a party in my mouth! They make me so happy. I try to stay away from them, though... I eat a whole tin in a day if I get them. :P
Thats... an interesting response... Are they that good? Aren't they... painful once the chocolate melts?
No, silly! I mean, yeah, they're a little strong but they won't kill you. (Or your tastebuds.)
It takes me an hour or two to empty a tin, if I need it for something. If not, about a day. Random thought: You know how you use "a" before words starting with a consenant, and "an" before words starting with vowels? Why does the word "hour" have an "an" before it??
hour is pronounced ow-er...it starts w/ a vowel sound. :) hope tht helps!
Also, we say "a unicorn", not "an unicorn". The English language is just all weird like that.
zachninme Bran8 years ago
Because, they do/don't have vowel sounds. You base it on sound, not letters. Letters are just a pretty darned-good indication. Most english H's are exasperated, meaning they're pronounced. In contrast, in some languages, H's aren't pronounced at all! Anyway, hour is an exception, its prounced identically to "our", thus gaining the "an". On the other hand, unicorn starts with a "yuh" sound, like a Y, which is not a vowel sound. (although "aye", another possible sound for Y, is)
Bran zachninme8 years ago
You pronounce 'our' and 'hour' same? Everyone I know pronounces 'our' like 'are'.
Are you from the south?? I know my cousins from Arkansas kinda do that.
He is, dontcha remember, "Redneckoreo" !?

Yeah, that's a southern accent.
(the above line was said in a southern accent)
It was a better handle too. Altoids, what happens to left over nibs of school chalk.
Born and raised, proud to be from Georgia. You?
Washington. Where a bunch of Arkies moved to so they could pick apples. (Not being prejudiced here, that is the truth, my step-dad's family moved here so they could pick apples)
A long, long, time ago.
It would take a long time, and I kinda like the normal ones. But, I don't really like the chocolate ones I was just trying them when they first came out.
benthekahn8 years ago
I like the originals. If anybody just wants the tin, send me the original Altoids!
xACIDITYx8 years ago
I like the new Dark Chocolate covered ones ;)
Mmmm fishermans friends...
jwilson278 years ago
I usually dump them in the candy jar at work. The mints are OK, but I cannot use them fast enough... I need that tin NOW! haha!
They're so refreshing. I enjoy them once in awhile and it's fun to eat them and have a sip of beer. Kinda makes your hair tingle.
I like the Original and Wintergreen flavors. The gum is pretty cool, too. (the cinnimon especially.) I find that it usually takes me quite a while to actually finish a tin, so I usually empty them into some sort of dish. Oddly, that gets rid of them faster, especially since my friends and siblings usually take the mints if I've left them sitting around...
trebuchet038 years ago
I like the original flavor :) I used to keep a pack in my glove box - I never finished it, it went away with the car after I sold it :p
l0cke8 years ago
This girl at school who sits next to me will sometimes go through two tins of these in one class if we have a big test or something. I am happy to take them from her though.
Goodhart8 years ago
I love them, but then I like Hall's Mentholiptis and and Fisherman's Friend lozenges too. :-)
I like Ricola Green Tea Cough Drops. They taste nothing like green tea. But they rock.
Doctor What8 years ago
I like all of them. Except the sugar free ones that come in the small tin. The chocolate covered peppermint ones are my favorites.
ledzep5678 years ago
i like the sour ones, but i havent tried the chocolate dipped ones... the cinnamon ones are too strong for me :/