Who are your favorite builders/makes your favorite guns?

Alright I know there are tons of other contests and things that are similar all relating mainly to skill so I decided to mix it up a little and ask for more opinion than anything. Who are your favorite builders or at least make you favorite guns? They don't have to be the best guns. This means you don't really need to be a knexpert (although your chances increase) to be "nominated". By the way just for the fun of it to show popular builders I'll add one's avatar after they have been "favorited" 5 times or more. ( I know I won't be right away or maybe not at all but I do want this topic to pass through the filter easier)
Alright don't be offended if you're not on here it doesn't mean you aren't good in my eyes. In no particular order...
Dsman- Well we are sort of friends in a way so I do look forward to what he makes. We are sort of rivals in a way.
Extreme Builder- He's got quite a few innovative designs. He is one of the few people I wanted to take the exact mech or gun and make it.
I_am_Canadian- I guess I like him more as a person than for his knex but the combination just overall makes him a favorite.
Trauts- Another fellow replicator and that's what I'm all about...mostly.
Uh I can't think up any others right now so give me a while. I'd like to say I respect all those who used parts or ideas from my guns for theirs ;p
Bakenbitz- Well he made the mech that inspired EB's full auto mech. He also made the BBKWG which I find a great gun to compete against for highest rating...if my ratings didn't get attacked by jealous people.

P.S. There is no limit...well don't go over board. I'd say pick around 4-6. Don't forget to give a reason why.
Oh and my name is TheDunkis like The Dunkis. If anything you capitalize the D in Dunkis. You can address me just as Dunkis when you talk to me as I use The just to emphasize that I'm the only Dunkis. But when you mention me in 3rd person use The Lol and there is your long lesson on how to use my name.

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Lowney8 years ago
Mepain KillerK PerfectDuck The_Burrito_Master And me (I never posted any of mine)
razzlekunai9 years ago
Lesee..... You (not Mykhailo), Viccie. B1993 (Oops... dunnno how to spell his name), Mepain, oodalumps, DsMan195276, drummer_ian, the_burrito_master, Oompa-Loompa, Oblivitus, Trauts, I_am_Canadian. Those are my absouute favorite builders. If I added all of the people who I consider Knexperts, this comment would be rather long.
Ok. Revised: Dsman195276 Oodalumps Mepain Perfect Duck Thedunkis Wicky Darth Trainman
lol you dropped like 15 names off of it!
I Know... TD wanted a lot less...
TheDunkis (author)  I_am_Canadian9 years ago
Well it helped...I ask for absolute favorites not the people you just don't hate lol.
people you just don't hate

i would have a really long list if that was the case...
surprisingly, neither would i. all i really hate now is just bumpus
ironman699 years ago
mepain the_burrito_master dsman 195276 thedunkis KILLERK (he is last because he make's AWSOME guns but tend's to not post them "cough the MG!!" i was looking foward to that :( I will post all the gun's I sead I would I just cant do it like untill atleast a few day's
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