Who do u think is the best knex maker? Also who is the best knex maker on here?

who is the best knex maker ever and who is the best on here

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knexguy7 years ago
TheDunkis7 years ago
Probably some guy who sold his life away to it...oh wait let me narrow that down a little more.
Probably some guy who has a job doing nothing else but designed 1:1 sculptures and such using only K'nex. Definitely not anyone around here, KI, youtube or KF for sure. This does make me curious if there is any other organized community of K'nexers somewhere.
Just because a person is good in one section of knex doesn't mean he is good in another.  I may be good at making weapons but I stink at making vehicles.
ha im awsome at cars
Ha, I don't care.
i suck at guns
You should get better....
nah their dumb.
You said 'their' instead of 'they're'.

Therefore, you are the dumb one.
i hate and yes HATE knex guns they are DUMBER than me!
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