Who has a laser engraver?

Who here has a laser engraver?  What make and model is it?  How much did it cost? Do you like it.

Feel free to not answer questions you prefer not to.  I am just trying to group souce a little info that seems difficult to find in forums and blog posts.

Thanks in advance.

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gleaman6 years ago
I have a 40 watt, 12" x 24" Epilog Mini laser. Purchased from Engraver's Express in Montreal, with shipping and interior air filtration system, cost just under $25k. Big expense and risk for a 20 year-old starting a new business, but I love it and it's paying itself off!
We have a chinese 40 W laser, with a 60x40 cm table.
He he.

Have fixed it all.....the lens wasnt't the major issue in the end, it was purely one of aligning the optics.
Kiteman6 years ago

You could start a "Laser Cutter Owners Club".