Who here has fish ?

Who here has fish? if you do have fish, what kind? I have two panda corydora catfish, a betta fish, and a gold mystery snail in a twenty gallon tank. if you do have fish what are there names?

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stellakelly1 month ago

I would love to buy aquarium and in that Gold fish I love. In this week I can get. I like it but what I feed them? Any special food for them?

kseniak71 month ago

I have 2 betta fish. I can`t keep other fish with them. They are aggressive and fight each other. Do you keep them in same aquarium?

5hockwave5 years ago
I had 6 but i got hungry and well...
monsterlego5 years ago
I have two black moore goldfish Wally and Jackie
fish rock6 years ago
the first one is a betta the second one is a catfish and the third one is a botia
djvanbeat6 years ago
Hi! beauty fish

the first is a "beta" popular called xiam fighter fish ,is a beauty male
the second ,sorry dont see good
and the third i think is a "botia"

i hope help you
killerk210 years ago
no i dont have fish, but my snake eats like 10 fish a day. yum
killerk2, what kind of snake do you have that eats fish??
I have a marine aquarium which has a regal tang, several blue-green chromis, a pair of clown fish, various polyps, a pair of cleaner shrimp, several varieties of hermit crabs, and many other invertebrates. I built it all myself including the tank, protein skimmer and sump system. I'm fighting an algae problem at the moment, the result of a failed pump when I went on holiday. Pat. Pending
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