Who here has fish ?

Who here has fish? if you do have fish, what kind? I have two panda corydora catfish, a betta fish, and a gold mystery snail in a twenty gallon tank. if you do have fish what are there names?

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My older sister has a beta fish named "Ruth Beta Finsburg".

Toga_Dan1 month ago

I have som fish in th freezer.

I don't :(
So far I totally missed out on the Snapper season, same for trout by the way.

Msitets1 month ago

I don't have any fish. Matter of fact I really don't like to have fish in my home. One of my friend have some fish, and that's what makes me "not liking" the idea of "fish in the house" thing. But it's true that if you can put them in the right place, it would look very very beautiful.

stellakelly3 months ago

I would love to buy aquarium and in that Gold fish I love. In this week I can get. I like it but what I feed them? Any special food for them?

kseniak73 months ago

I have 2 betta fish. I can`t keep other fish with them. They are aggressive and fight each other. Do you keep them in same aquarium?

5hockwave5 years ago
I had 6 but i got hungry and well...
monsterlego5 years ago
I have two black moore goldfish Wally and Jackie
fish rock6 years ago
the first one is a betta the second one is a catfish and the third one is a botia
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