Who here has heard of one of the many Chan sites???

I had a high school band meeting and afterwards we started talking about /b/ and all the other chans and what not and I started wondering if anyone on Instructables had heard of any of the chans. I know that the chans spread like cancer....(joke). If you have heard of them what are your toughts on them???

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Don't make cancer jokes, they're not bloody funny. Venereal diseases on the other hand...
TheDeadChemist (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
You have to be a /b/tard to get that joke.......
Or a prick... I only wish you realized how much you're putting your foot in it here, ah someday you will, you'll do it to the wrong guy...
TheDeadChemist (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Do you really find it offensive?
Here's the main reason why

However it's not just a sore point for me, that's the point, I don't mind some jokes it's just that particular strain conjure up nasties...
TheDeadChemist (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Well I kinnda know how you feal but in a different way... my mom and dad split and i stayed with my mom and did not have the chance to talk to my dad for a few months and i wont because he got in a car wreck and died. some guy had drunk a little to much and then went for a drive..
Aye, my point was about the joke you made, similar situation to if your mate were to have a bit and then make jokes about going for a drive... But it's a tetchy subject for a lot of people these days... Having a dead parent sucks so much! When you meet someone or something, they eventually ask and it's like umm, they're dead then they're like eh... Same thing for split up parents, which I too had, it's no fun... I did a video project with cruse NI, which went well and highlighted the amount of kids out there with stuff like this, I ended up speaking in parliament about it...
TheDeadChemist (author)  killerjackalope9 years ago
Omg I am almost starting to cry.... It is really wierd and hard...one of the guys in band went on a fishing trip W/ his dad and me and him were talking about it and he asked me somthing like do you and your dad ever go fishing..... and i was like....no.....he felt like sh*t and would not stop aplogizing which made the whole situation worse.
Aye it sucks when friends do it... It's also really bad with girls... When you've just met them then they freak and argh... I think people apologizing is pretty annoying... In general...
I'm so sorry!!
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