Who here, likes Bananas?

Both Adrian Monk and I (Gmjhowe), realised we both hate bananas, Did you know a banana is actually a HERB! Let us destroy our Herb overlords before it is tooo late!!

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Gorfram7 years ago
One person's banana is another person's avocado.
(I personally hate avocados).
hahahahha, so funny
i LOVE avocados
i HATE bananas!
seobts6 years ago
I like bananas much. I eat banana everyday! :X
It sounds like you just need to give a super special banana a try!
wonkywomen7 years ago
I like Bananas!!!

Anyway, you could kill a little 4 year old kindergardener
at my school.

hahaha! u r funny!
you should like bananas!!!!!

They're "herbs" in the same sense that evolution is a "theory." Bananas are delicious and I grow 4 varieties, back at my old house I had many more but left them when I moved.
Shun the banana-liker! Shun!!!
miso_soup7 years ago
mmmm... i love bananas! Especially Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas!!
kcls7 years ago
I LOVE bananas! They go well in cereal, in sundaes, well, everywhere!
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