Who here owns a VW made after 2000?

Who in here owns a VW(any model) made AFTER 2000?If you have one,drop a comment and (danger,entering optional area,start your brains)say if you like it or not!

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LinuxH4x0r9 years ago
Don't have one, but want a Golf TDI (maybe a jetta)
The new jetta sucks!
How old are you? Obviously not old enough to own a car or even drive since you build knex. Don't talk about something you don't know about.
I read the review on a electronics site. the jetta got a 6.5.
btw, Killerk is older than 20 and he works with knex
So, that just proves that he should get a real life. Why would you read a review for a car on an electronics site?
Well, the cars are getting more and more loaded with tech
That still doesn't make it a bad car. I don't give a ***** about the tech, I care about the engine
the engine feels good, but is weak overall...
BS! You can't even drive, how would you know?
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