Who here smokes?

Come on fess up, we know you do.

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jessyratfink10 years ago
I don't. I actually have to avoid most people that smoke because it gives me migraines. Everytime I go to a party or a bar I come home with a throbbing migraine. It's just not worth it. I've passed up a lot of fun stuff just because I knew I'd come home and curl up in a ball in the dark and want to die. I'm so dramatic! :D
Punkguyta (author)  jessyratfink10 years ago
Why the hell would it give you migrains? I get more smoke into me than people around me and it makes me not have headaches.
Because I have a very sensitive nose and smoke is one of the most terrible smells ever and I can't escape it because it seeps into my hair and clothing? I don't know the exact cause, of course, but that's what I'm voting for. I've got chronic migraines and I'll do anything I can to avoid getting one because they typically last for days or turn into clusters.
OH hekc, that's terrible. I've only had two or three migraines in my life and that was enough for me. Now if I even think I might be getting a headache, I'll take something to knock it out. I'm sure you've done a ton of stuff, but consulted a physical therapist or chiropractor by the way?
I've done everything but gone to a chiropractor. Every other treatment out there - I've done it, haha - even weird things like taking medcines for other ailments because my doctor had used them on other patients and been successful. I'm just so worried about going down that road because so much can go wrong. Right now I'm controlling them through diet (very few canned foods or microwavable meals, hardly any processed foods - and NO COOKIE CRISP!), sleep and exercise. I get maybe one a week now, and sometimes not even that! It still sounds bad, I know, but compared to 3-5 a week, it's wonderful!
i get complex (parts of me go numb) cluster migraines when i get stressed. they gave me oxygen to breathe which seems to help some. have you ever tried that? i know about what all can go wrong with medicines... took one for my tourettes and went temporarily blind. well almost blind... couldnt focus on anything. my mom sent me up here to read the fine print on the label because she has a phobia of medications. that was fun... needless to say, it was one of the really rare side effects.
Makes sense to me that diet has a lot to do with it. I've been to various chiropractors over the years for various things and I can tell you for a fact: No two are the same. The best chiropractors I had both graduated from the Palmer school of chiropractic (the original and still considered best). The one chiropractor could look at my back and tell me what kind of bowel problems I'd had that week. And he was right. Anyhow, if you're too worried to go to one, have you tried traction? Where you get a section of a foam swimming pool noodle and lie on the edge of the bed with that under your neck?
Some people are susceptible to migraines, me I get "cluster headaches" (a migraine in more than one area of the head), some get food related headaches (soft cheese for me, chocolate for some....etc.)
Yuck for living in the middle of the tobacco belt. x.x I was so happy to move to a coast where smoking isn't allowed in bars and clubs. Dancing in a smoky room is now almost impossible for me- I have no idea how we used to put up with it.
We've banned smoking in most places in Louisville, but because KY is such a major tobacco producer, we have really silly rules. Smoking is allowed in bars still, and I believe if a restaurant has at least 25% of its income coming from alcohol sales, smoking is allowed in the establishment. Oh, and you can smoke at Churchill Downs. Which is ridiculous. However, the rest of KY is another story. :|
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