Who here will be at the 2012 NY Maker Faire?

Who here will be at this year's Maker Faire in NYC?

I will, and might even be participating in a booth! (On http://mozillapopcorn.org/ )

Otherwise, I will be there visiting (Why, O Why can only 16+ volunteer :( )

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mg0930mg5 years ago
Getting closer to the day! I've got my tickets and we booked the hotel. Anyone know if they're going now that it's this weekend?
schumi23 (author)  mg0930mg5 years ago
Well, ive known for a while - I live 10 minutes away from it :) I won't be in a booth though.
That's too bad. :( Hopefully I'll see you there! I don't think instructables is going this year, but it should still be a fantastic time!
ledartist5 years ago
I will be there hosting my own booth - theLEDart.com. Very excited!
schumi23 (author)  ledartist5 years ago
I hope I'll be able to see it! Do you know were you will be?
I will be in "Zone A", the mail building of nysci. No sure which room yet...

Goodhart5 years ago
I wish I could be there.....funds are low again this year...even though it is only a 3-4 hour drive..
mg0930mg5 years ago
I"m going again this year. I've been at both of the other ones, and I don't plan on missing a maker faire in NY, yet! This time we may be getting a hotel room and staying for both days, and it's on my birthday this year. I'm pretty excited to go!
schumi23 (author)  mg0930mg5 years ago
If you get a booth, make sure you let us know, and I'll definitely check it out!
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