Who is "They"?

All the time i hear people say stuff like "oh they're making this" and "they're building this. But i want to know "Who is They"?

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"They" is whatever has been previously referred to in a dialogue. Usually, "they" is a plural pronoun, and, as such, takes the place of a group of proper nouns, either individually listed or collectively referenced as a single body. Something, either a group or a collection of objects, has to be mentioned before using "they." "They" relies on context to have any significance in a sentence. But really, "they" can be anything you want them to be. :)
Sorry. My dad's an English teacher. I had to post. Something forced me to. I think it's in my blood. :P
SHHHHHHHH their listining.
What about their listening?
they are
Of course; I should have seen that. Did not intend to turn into a grammar Nazi. My apologies.
Don't want to be the next to get a microchip in a filling do you, SHHHHHHH.
jxross4 years ago
The answer to your question is self evident.

"They" are the ultimate authority on everything that can't possibly be believed absent the citation of a reliable source.  The imaginary and omnipotent "They" fulfills the role of an unimpeachable expert. 

However, being a bashful group, 'They" are also 'those who shant be named.'

This answer is absolutely correct and no other answer given by any other Instructibite could possibly be more complete.  As a result, you have no choice but to select this as the "best answer."  Trust me, 'They' told me this is true! 
MrOddjob jxross4 years ago
In answer to 'jxross', You neglected to say that, "They", are usually the enemy! And, they oppose everything that you believe in! I think that may simplify your long winded verbiose message? This has turned into a good debate, I love it.
jxross MrOddjob4 years ago
"Long winded verbose"??? Really? I thought it rather succinct. In fact, they say that the number of words I used in my definition is exactly the number needed to most efficiently convey the true nature and meaning of almost any abstract concept. Seriously! I'm not making this stuff up!
We have met the enemy and they are us.
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