Who is doing Burning Questions?

The new contest is finally up. I just want to know who's doing what 'Ible so as not to get too confused over everything. (and to avoid stealing *shifty eyes*) Yes I am aware there is an Instructible on it where discussion is already underway, but I think the forum should know about it too.

Of course I've also used this to shamelessly promote my new (and the first) Burning Questions 4 'Ible: How to slim up for summer: The Atkins Diet!

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I might.
Wash a Dog!
well that seems fitting to your avatar pic.
Just some of the photos. I can't wait to start working on it :D
She/He is pretty. what's it's name?
Her name is Mazee, those were her younger years. She's six now. Here's a more recent photo. Lol, I 'spect most of you have already seen it ;)
she is still rally cute..
what do you mean rally, was she playing tennis? hah! the jokes on you now!
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