Who is the man behind KipKay


I was wondering who was the man behind the name KipKay and the voiceovers, I guess we won't know who does the voiceovers for awhile.

This guy makes over 50K from his videos on metacafe videos!

That is crazy,

What do you guys think of him?

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xACIDITYx9 years ago
I saw this on that page:

Posted by: Kiteman on March 10, 2008 at 10:08 AM

Kipkay on Make?

Bad move. In my opinion, Kipkay is a very poor representation of the modern Maker, and his presence on the Make staff can only detract from the magazine's credibility.

In addition to all the previous comments about safety/legality/plagiarism, I have found him to be condescending and arrogant.

Oh, and what a surprise - Kipkay's videos are on Metacafe.

I'll stick to the pdf files from now on.

Was it our Kiteman?
here here!
i think the part that everyone seemes to be rubbed by is that he makes so much money off his videos. we work on DIY stuff to save money and the environment, then we post it to the net so others can follow in our footsteps, with little or no intention of making money off of it. then this guy comes along, designes devices that for the most part have 0 functional purposes, and makes 50k off it.
yeah, so? If Jobs and Wozniak didn't take initiative and have the vision to do more than the rest of the Homebrew Computer Club we wouldn't have many of the innovations we have today.
Did you pay for an Apple product?

You do know that you don't actually own it, don't you? That they can shut it off remotely whenever they feel like it, completely brick it, and don't even have to explain why?

Hardly the ideal model for a genuine Maker to aspire to...
ll.13 tech-king9 years ago
Well, not specifically money... it's sort of the concept.
I would love the money, and I don't blame him, it's just that he takes other people's ideas/instructions and above all makes money off of it because he has a cool device, for example, if any of my metacafe videos were made by him (just change my voice/text with his voice) and they'd have like a million views instead of like 100
personally, i find the worst part that plagiarism, and the way he makes it seem so simple by leaving out parts.
It was, but I have since "talked" to Kipkay, and changed my position slightly. I would still be interested in what Kipkay has to say about the charges of plagiarism laid in other comments on that blog? How about it, Kipkay? Take the chance to shoot them down?
i dont think hes following this thread
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