Who plays airsoft

If you play airsoft (and own an airsoft gun)please comment and tell what kind of airsoft gun you have. (Or just comment something : )

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hungyhipo 27 years ago
i have a smith and wesson m&p 40 co2 pistol its a beast
I have a beastly ak-47, an 8 barrel mini gun, stinger p9, stinger p32 shotgun, and 2 off brand pistols. they are cool
REDNEK7779 years ago
i just orderd a (de) shotgun w/ 420+ fps it is beastly
DIY Dave (author)  REDNEK7779 years ago
Metal4God10 years ago
I have a m300 18 barrel tactical shotgun and the pistol that came with it I have
another pistol and I have a micro uzi and my dad has a co2 bb gun
did u get it frm BUDK catalog or website? Cuz that was my first gun and the shotgun broke about 5 seconds after i took it out of the box
nope dicks sporting goods
DIY Dave (author) 9 years ago
I have four guns. one is is a machine gun and three are pistols. The one pistol is a co2 and is 350fps two are spring and are about 160fps and 140fps. The machine gun is 300 fps.
That Weasel10 years ago
I just ordered 2 airsoft pistols one electric other isn't. Electric is 230 fps.Non-electric is 260 fps
DIY Dave (author)  That Weasel10 years ago
what website did you order them from?
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