Who plays guitar and what style do you play?

It's not really a fun question like gamer5's but who here plays guitar? if you do say that you play guitar and say what style music you play I play metal and rock (except danny i know what he plays

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KDwightBAB10 years ago
i play in a few bands out here in michigan and i am part owner of a recording studio we built. i play guitar in a metal band and i play guitar in a ska band, but my passion is punk, like the misfits, and dead kennedys
Punk is the best.
ZooLander9 years ago
U2 stuff, just laid out Rock and Roll. Oh, and Bob Dylan does rock!
Antexter10 years ago
I play folk, things like bob dylan :D.
i play bass and i play metal and rock
freebird...sweet home...etc etc love em all
Metal4God (author)  maninamousesuit10 years ago
i don;t like them anymore
I play guitar. I play a style I call noob metal.
lespaulsrule10 years ago
i play mostly 80s metal, malmsteen, vai, and zakks stuff
Metal4God (author)  lespaulsrule10 years ago
zakk wylde rules!
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