Who wants ghillie suit instructable

I heard people wanted to see a ghillie suit instructable and i was wondering if you would mind if i got best info and pics from the intranet and Put it in a form suitable for instructables?

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bershadsky8 years ago
I would love this!

Ghillie Suits
guys i can post a ghillie instructable in a week and mines a homemade one that costs 15$ in all and mine has natural materials from the terrain u want to camo in and i bet that mine is better than this guys because ive been a sniper for 5 years in paintball and airsoft and i can also give tips to anyone who needs it people fight over who wants me when i go paintballing 2 guys almost shot each other over me and my ghillie and skills trust a master
Doctor What9 years ago
Just make one, and post instructions. But don't pull pics and info from the interwebs. Find out how to make one, and then detail it with your own instructions.
dude make one i've been dieng to have a ghillie suit for woodsball
duck-lemon (author) 9 years ago
ok i've got your ideas and i'm gonna make one and document my own pics but it will take a month or three... Can you wait?
Kiteman9 years ago
A what? (oh!)

Yes, make one, but use your own images.

(And try calling it a "Cousin It Suit" and enter it in the next Hallowe'en contest.)
Yes I'd like an instructable, but not one base on aggregated internet info.
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