Who would win in a fight, Yoda or Dumbledore?

OK, 2 of the coolest people in history are Yoda the little green Jedi and Dumbledore the old wizard. But in a fight between the 2, who would win? I just cant decide

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Gamer Guy2 years ago
For all of you who have said Dumbledore would win, you obviously aren't complete nerds over either series. Anyone who knows both very well (myself) would know the correct answer, Yoda would win. Yoda has enough agility to dodge all of Dumbledore's attacks, and then get in close for using his lightsaber. Yoda has the power of the force, which will enable him not to tire, unlike Dumbledore, who has a wand.

One Arresto Momentum and Yoda would be as slow as a snail

But yoda was tired in episode 2 after the lightsaber duel with count duku. It took a lot of hus strength to keep that pillar from falling on obi wan and aniken. Size does not matter. yea right.
Yoda was tired yes, but that was a Sith Lord, not some old guy with a magical stick. It did not take lots of strength, it took lots of will. He won't be saving anyone in a battle against 1 opponent, 1 vs 1.
Please at least spell their names right. Learn some grammar, Star Wars facts, and then give me another comment to prove you wrong.

And "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is." ~Yoda

Here's some help:

Yoda, Count Dooku, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Anakin Skywalker.
The movie was: Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Here's the Star Wars wiki: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Yoda

I'd reccomend researching some grammar as well, and finishing elementary school before creating an account with a fake age.
Marvin JamesE3 months ago

In the fight between Master Yoda and Professor Dumbledore, I think Professor Dumbledore would win although Master Yoda is wiser and faster Professor Dumbledore has counter spells against Master Yoda. Yoda might be faster but an Arresto Momentum would surely slow him down and although he could dodge and block most spells like the Killing Curse but the Imperius curse he would be in his controll (But with the FORCE he could repel it) but with the slowing spell and Killing Curse (suggested) even though the FORCE is powerful, Master Yoda is wise enough to not cross a fight with Professor Albus Dumbledore


NicholasK255 months ago

I think that if Barty Crouch Jr. can turn Malfoy into a harmless ferret, couldn't Dumbledore do the same to Yoda?

jezusisgreat12 months ago

Oh please, Yoda can dodge lasergun bullets , do you really think he couldn't dodge spells ...

Movie version Jedi reflexes are at least 2 times as fast as normal human speed reflexes ( qui gon grabbing jar jar bings tong for example ) .

Don't even get me started on comic book ( Expanded Universe ) Jedi reflexes .

Also Yoda is so small it wouldn't be easy to target him .

Meanwhile, Yoda has crushed Dumbledore's neck 15 times .


Dj-EmirS1 year ago

No, never for attack... Only defense... - Yoda.... But if he's attacked he'd probably cut his damned head off like he did the troopers that tried to sneak attack him, sense things he does, sees things before they happen he can... Timing is everything in a fight

Freddy obviously.

Spongebob for sure.

DJ Radio6 years ago
Dumbledore, because in Harry Potter, you can do more than swing a sword and make objects move with the force. Dumbledore also knows the killing curse.
FFVIIBOY (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
yeah but Yoda could block avada kadavra with the force plus Dumbledore would never use the killing curse
No he couldn't, because you can only use it on physical objects. You do have a point when you say he wouldn't use it.
FFVIIBOY (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
well actally yoda was able to stop a force lightning in episode 2 so im prety sure he could block a spell
Force lightning can be touched. You can't really touch a spell.
I see your point but, how do you explain this? When HP and Voldemort are locked in battle it obviously has some type of physical lighting-like component to it that seems to somewhat be controlled by the mind (like how Yoda controls the force).

I made that comment before the movie producers actually put an image to the act of casting a spell in Harry Potter. The older movies just had people flicking their wands and maybe a spark effect or 2 on the target.

FFVIIBOY (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
well yoda can block force puch and you cant touch that
iceng2 years ago
Get the authors to resolve this in a new book !
Chikpea iceng2 years ago
Totally! Great idea.
Raphango2 years ago
Absolutelly Yoda.. u.u
With a grasp of his hand he could choke dumbledore's neck...
Besides, yoda could easily avoid any spell with the parkour ability... =B
What, you think Dumbledore would just stand there? Remember, he can become invisible and he can apparate. I envision something like this:
They face each other.
Yoda pulls his light saber.
Dumbledore disappears.
Yoda stands there for a second wondering where his opponent went.
Dumbledore appears behind Yoda and nails him with a full body bind.
They talk and figure out they were set up.
Yoda gets his first experience with side-along apparition when they leave to go make whoever set them against each other wish he'd never thought of it.
Nu uh, Yoda would TOTALLY not be just standing there. He'd attack before Dumbledor could do a thing.
Never! Yoda would sense Dumbledore with the force!
I like the sound of that! Good thinking.
Whoa man! Quite a story! =D
Ever tought about writing? Seriously! ;)
Works as an outline for a short screenplay, but a maybe little thin for a novel don't you think? LOL
Chikpea2 years ago
Well Yoda, obivously.
vlady137732 years ago
yoda definitely would win by the power of the force
wilgubeast2 years ago
Dumbledore has the advantage in reach. Yoda has the superior weapon. Both can repel attacks with magic/The Force.

I think it comes down to the DumbleD's use of the killing curse. If he uses it, game over for Yoda.

But Kiteman hit on the most likely answer: they don't fight, and instead they drink together. And Yoda would lose that battle first, as he has less body mass with which to process all that butterbeer.
Yoda is much faster and more agile. He could easily dodge all of the spells, land behind Dumbledore, and defeat him with his lightsaber.
People keep saying this, but there are lots of spells that don't have to actually hit the opponent to take him down. What happens if Dumbledore simply blows up the room where Yoda is standing? Or if he casts a spell to make himself invisible? Or uses a spell to throw so much junk at Yoda that it is impossible to dodge or deflect it all? For the most powerful wizard on the planet, his battle is pretty much limited only by his imagination, and he has one heck of an imagination.
There aren't any spells to do that, and if he were to destroy the the room they were in, they would both be destroyed. And who says its indoors. Also Yoda can use the force to hold back as much objects as Dumbledore can throw. Spell's don't just appear when you use your imagination, they are words that do specific actions. There are only so many.
Sure there are. Wormtail kills a bunch of people with one spell and they blame it on a gas main explosion. Ginny Weasley uses a "Reducto" curse that is incredibly destructive and she's just a teenager in training.
Who said destroy the whole room? Even outside, there are spells that don't have to hit the opponent directly. If you are suddenly being chased by a firestorm, that's a problem, and the spell didn't hit you, did it?
If Darth Vader can use the force to throw more junk than Obi-wan could block, then Yoda could be overwhelmed too.
There are lots and lots of spells that do many different things. The imagination part isn't about making up spells on the fly, it's about using the ones you know to best advantage, and Dumbledore knows a lot of magic.
As an example, I never understood the fuss over Aveda Kadavera (spelling?), the "Killing Curse". So what. There are lots of spells that can kill someone. If you get hit in the chest with a "Reducto" that can blast a brick to dust, you are just as dead.
I meant spells to turn yourself invisible don't exist. Although there are potions and cloaks, no spells. I know about Reducto, Bombardia, and Bombardia Maxima. Yoda could use the force to repel the objects, storms, whatever is coming at him. Obviously getting hit by Reducto or Avada Kedavra would kill anyone, even Yoda. But he could dodge. Spells aren't heat seeking missile, and even those are possible to escape from. They are just straight shots, with the correct timing and reaction time, which is given to him by the Force, he could dodge.
Sure they do. Remember the first book, Dumbledore told Harry that he didn't need a cloak to become invisible. Even those idiots Crabbe and Goyle can do it in the last book because a death eater taught them how.
Keep in mind that I am wearing a Yoda t-shirt as I type this, but you are letting your bias limit your imagination as to what someone like Dumbledore can do with magic.
I will admit that I am a true Star Wars fan. So I will set aside my Star Wars love and admit, Dumbledore sure can do some amazing stuff with magic. You are correct, the cloak, and potions aren't the only things that can make you invisible. And not all magic is spells, like the dishes that clean themselves. (Oh if only that were real) I believe Yoda would win by being faster than Dumbledore, and outflanking him.
Dumbledore has the superior weapon. The true owner of the Elder Wand cannot be defeated in any duel, he wants to win.
alejandrodg2 years ago
Apples to Oranges, but for fun this is what ladies and gents need to factor in(and this is for those who have not gone beyond just the movies) Yoda: Meticlorian levels(force) damn near infinite and lets not forget...JEDI MASTER.(900 years old by the time of his death)
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore: Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, headmaster since 1955.(he's about 150 years old, give or take)
Point is that they are evenly matched, someone said that he Dumbledore has a wand, yes he does but he can do magic without it, the wand is only to channel, same as Master Yoda, while some light sabers have there own power core most do not and needs to be activated by using the force.
The question of who will win has to be measured by who is smarter, that goes to Dumbledore, his 7 year plot to have Harry beat Voldemort was genius, Yoda on the other hand could not see that Anakin was headed to the dark side, or even worst, that Chancellor Palpatine was the Sith Lord.
I completely agree with your logic. Dumbledore could see things about his protoge that Yoda could not. And, Yoda missed that Chancellor Palpatine was the Sith Lord. Therefore, I would project Dumbledore as the winner.
foobear2 years ago
First of all I have to wonder: Why would they be fighting? They're both upstanding guys. what would they have against each other in the first place? I'm imagining that whatever fight they might engage in would be based on some sort of colossal misunderstanding which they would soon sort out with just a wee bit of conversation. Dumbledore would protect himself with a charm while calmly inquiring as to what has Yoda so teed off. Yoda would state his grievance in his mixed up grammar way - Dumbledore would wrinkle his brow and nod slowly - say something profoundly insightful - causing Yoda to turn off his green laser and relax. Before long they'd be having tea in Dumbledore's office and exchanging long and fascinating tales with each other.
diggers2532 years ago
This is an EASY one - Yoda is dead!

Dumbledore would have no opponent to fight!

Granted I'm only on book 4 but everything I have read so far tells me Dumbledore is indestructible!
lanternfish2 years ago
Break Dumbledore's wand and it's "Hasta la vista, baby" for Dumbledore.
Not necessarily. Wands are a focusing tool, not the source of the magic. Harry did lots of magic while growing up before he ever had a wand or even knew he was a wizard. In addition, he found his wand once when he dropped it in the dark by using a charm to make it light up while he wasn't holding it. Dumbledore being Dumbledore, I'd bet he practices without a wand just because he knows he could possibly find himself without one someday.
Good point. I forgot about those plot subleties.
CaptHollis2 years ago
Yoda, because Yoda has the force and a lightsaber, so he can absorb Dumbledore's spells. Aside from this, we see in The Revenge of the Sith, that Yoda is a master of parkour and agility.
Totally agree.... u.u
Plo Koon2 years ago
dumbledore just cuz his wizardy skills are probably more powerful than yoda's force powers.
I agree. He's just gotta Avada Kedavra him and boom, over!
im guessing thats a spell? ive actually never seen any harry potter movies. almost all of what i know comes from my travels on the internet.
yoda is agile, so he can dodge spells and slash dumbledore from behind.
yoda is agile, so he can dodge spells and slash dumbledore from behind.
I do not think a long delay Avada Kedavra, meanwhile yoda already split in half or hanged with the force
I do not think a long delay Avada Kedavra, meanwhile yoda already split in half or hanged with the force
We'll now that is a tricky question.
I would have to go with Dumbledore
There are 2 reason why.
1 For those of you that have said that Dumbledore would not use the killing curse well your wrong. And here is why your wrong. Dumbledore has the elder wand. Which is the most powerful object around. And how did he get that wand? He had to kill someone in cold blood to get it.

2 He has the resurrection stone. Which will enable the owner to come back to life after death. So Yoda could kill him 1000 times and he would not die.

Both items came from death and we're made to kill and stop death. I don't know of any Jedi power that can do that.
The Resurrection Stone does not bring the owner to come back to life because
A) You can't be dead to use it.
B) It doesn't really bring you back to life. It only allows you to temporarily go back to the world, and you aren't physically there.
Even though this is true, Dumbledore would still win. He is just plain awesome.
well I had to go back and read it and we are both wrong. The stone brings those who have passed back but there is a veil over the person who came back form the dead. and they are not really back and will never be happy in our world.

Still the elder wand is the most powerful object ever. I do love Yoda but a light saber (a sward made of plasma) cannot come close to the power that wand has. as the true owner of the wand cannot ever loose a duel, that he wants to win.
In the end of the last movie, and probably the book I don't remember, Harry snapped the elder wand in half and threw it off a bridge.
In the book he used it to repair his own wand and told Dumbledore's portrait that he was putting it back where it came from, which was Dumbledore's tomb. Although if Harry really is descended from the three brothers (death's cloak handed down through his family indicates this) then he had every right to keep the thing if he wanted to. It really does belong to him.
Dumbledore did not have to kill to get the wand. He defeated its previous owner in battle. Just like Potter earned its loyalty without killing.
The resurrection stone is used by a living person to bring back the dead to the land of the living so they can communicate, but they aren't really alive. The only way to come back from the dead is by using a horcrux and that still requires help from an ally to finish the process (Wormtail did the spell for Voldemort, remember?). In any case, the stone is lost in the woods somewhere where Potter dropped it so no one could find it again.
Just remembered, Dumbledore was dead at that point. He only had the stone for a little while though and was weakened by its curse (remember the hand?).
Dumbledore doesn't have the resurrection stone. It was decided it was to be destroyed because it was too powerful.
That was the sorcerers stone that was destroyed in book one. The resurrection stone is in the last book
arikii2 years ago
You all are forgetting, both are proponents of nonviolent resolution unless the issue is forced (snicker). That's not to mention that both are focused on the light side (Yoda against dark side force, Dumbledore against dark magic).

TL;DR - These two wouldn't fight anyway so why bother?
Caudata arikii2 years ago
Then the battle is not based on strength and power, but the will and argumentative skills.
vlad-sf2 years ago
From the picture I infer it's episodes 1 to 3 Yoda, the light saber jumping mouse, not the Episode 5 wise one. Anyway, I think Dumbledore would win, he's wiser and not so "hot headed" as the Yoda in Episodes 1-3.
Yoda was 800 years old. he was the head of the jedi council. and you say he is not wise. He was not tired so easily in the prequels.
jjdoylevii2 years ago
Dumbledore would bore Yoda into submission.
morrademedo2 years ago
I think Yoda Power to view the future improve his ability to play chess, so my vote is that Yoda beat Dumbledore in a final battle in a chess table.
Ask not what Dumbledore would do to Yoda and what Yoda would do to Dumbledore. Ask what Dumbledore would do to Vader and what Yoda would do to Voldemort.
That would be so funny fights worth watching !!
especially between Master Yoda & Voldemort ! 
hrish52 years ago
They must not fight !!!
you shall not fight.jpg
michaelg2512 years ago
How are they gonna fight? They're both dead? Besides, one lived in the near present and the other lived a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….
amaituino2 years ago
They would never fight against each other, they are both wise ... but in terms of strength I'd say Yoda ... he is a jedi
dworley2 years ago
GarnetMc2 years ago
I LOVE both gentlemen, but Yoda would win. Yodas' power comes from "the Force" which is an instantly accessible energy and doesn't require concentration in most cases. Dumbledors power comes from magic, which drains the user each time it's used. It also takes longer to take effect as the person has to think of the right words and gestures.
zenderon2 years ago
Dumbledore ...magic is far greater than the force :)
zombietron2 years ago
Bumbledore requires the use of objects in order for his magic to work (wand) yoda's powers just work his lightsabre is an additon to his powers, plus it cuts through anything
darman122 years ago
Die hard Star Wars fan, I must choose Yoda.
darman122 years ago
Die hard Star Wars fan, I must choose Yoda.
Duh dumbledore
rayj00072 years ago
Evil wins. Clearly, if good has been convinced to take up arms against good, then evil has taken control.
ghaines12 years ago
This would be good. Movie 1 Dumbledore (Richard Harris) vs. Empire Strikes Back Yoda. First one to break a hip looses. But the other option is meth-powered-Yoda from the Prequells vs. Gambon's nimble Dumbledore of the later HP movies. Part of me thinks that would need a time limit or would be going on for weeks. Just my 3 cents.
jmwells2 years ago
Neither. They would both figure out that neither is evil. They wouldn't fight. Probably go out for a butter beer.
Hooknbullet2 years ago
Dumbledore wouldn't even try to fight Yoda. What's the matter with you?
gabrieltaft2 years ago
flamesami2 years ago
ooh! Tricky...but Dumbledore can make objects appear and disapparate, so Yoda can't really touch him. If the force is somehow related to magic/spells though, Yoda will be able to block spells/turn them arround against Dumbledore.
If you mean a battle of wits, it's more of a toss-up, depends if they know each other (Jedi mind tricks come to mind, vs Occulemancy/Legimancy)
I reckon they'd play Gobstones, or maybe Exploding Snap though, while drinking some mead, wine or butterbeer and discussing promising young students who lost their way
Azure2 years ago
Yoda. More combat experiance.
noxignis2 years ago
i think they would just chill and have a friendly game of wizards chess
ronnado2 years ago
good vs good....?
No, great vs great
tandcphoto2 years ago
Yoda, win he would....hmmmm yes.
Fr0stByte2 years ago
I think it's more "controlled laser light edge vs piece of wood"
Hecate2 years ago
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!
fozzy132 years ago
I'm voting for Yoda.
tessalene2 years ago
canida2 years ago
It all depends whether you can block a spell with the Force (or a lightsaber). If so, Yoda all the way. If not, Dumbledore.
Kiteman4 years ago
It occurs to me that these to wise old masters would not fight, but instead retire to the nearest tavern for an ale and a chat.