Who would win in a fight?

I have been wondering this and have often asked other people this but whoe would win in a fight? Goku, Naruto, or Batman?
Feel free to answer and if you want, ask your own question of who would win.

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CrLz4 years ago
Buckaroo Banzai -vs- MacGyver
iceng CrLz3 years ago
they are brothers
E Daniels3 years ago
Goku would win for sure
Plo Koon3 years ago
Goku would beat the tar out of everyone
Plo Koon3 years ago
Frozone from The Incredibles vs. Iceman the X-man
sidgupta4 years ago
Who does Chuck Norris like?
the potato4 years ago
it depends would goku be in his full power lvl at ssj4 fighting omega shenron?
Chuck Norris.
Game over!
Neko-Otaku4 years ago
I haven't watched much of the Dragon Ball series, so for me it's Batman Vs Naruto.

Batman - high intelligence, advanced weaponry, advanced technology, high strength, high stamina, experience battling criminals

Naruto (from shippuden) - medium intelligence, older style weaponry, high strength, high stamina, experience battling Orochimaru and Akatsuki, 9 tailed fox (increased strength and stamina)

But it also depends where they are fighting, 'home field advantage'

With this evidence I would have to say Naruto, unless there was a high level of intelligence needed, then Batman would win.
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