Who would win in a fight?

I have been wondering this and have often asked other people this but whoe would win in a fight? Goku, Naruto, or Batman?
Feel free to answer and if you want, ask your own question of who would win.

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CrLz5 years ago
Buckaroo Banzai -vs- MacGyver
iceng CrLz4 years ago
they are brothers
E Daniels4 years ago
Goku would win for sure
Plo Koon4 years ago
Goku would beat the tar out of everyone
Plo Koon4 years ago
Frozone from The Incredibles vs. Iceman the X-man
sidgupta5 years ago
Who does Chuck Norris like?
the potato5 years ago
it depends would goku be in his full power lvl at ssj4 fighting omega shenron?
Chuck Norris.
Game over!
Neko-Otaku5 years ago
I haven't watched much of the Dragon Ball series, so for me it's Batman Vs Naruto.

Batman - high intelligence, advanced weaponry, advanced technology, high strength, high stamina, experience battling criminals

Naruto (from shippuden) - medium intelligence, older style weaponry, high strength, high stamina, experience battling Orochimaru and Akatsuki, 9 tailed fox (increased strength and stamina)

But it also depends where they are fighting, 'home field advantage'

With this evidence I would have to say Naruto, unless there was a high level of intelligence needed, then Batman would win.
batman because he has money and tech naruto ninne tails batman apsorb all the chacracs
batman would be totally crush
Batman. Because he's Batman.
Dang that's what i said. great minds think alike.
qui-gon621 (author) 7 years ago
Who would win, Marvel or DC?
DC because Marvel has made some failtoys that I've seen on JeepersMedia.
qui-gon621 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
So you are basing a comic book company on toys that other companies make?
Hey, the companies approve/license the toys. And I can't select a winner if I exclude that part.
qui-gon621 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
What I really meant for you to compare are the comics not the toys.
Well I don't read the comics (I can't find them anywhere?!)
qui-gon621 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Go to comicshoplocater.com and just type in your zip code. It should tell you of comic shops in you vicinity.
monsterlego6 years ago
Batman, because he's just batman.
vishalapr6 years ago
GOKU is soooo win! He's my favorite!
chicopluma6 years ago
just to say that the rasenshuriken is still weaker than krilins kiensan
CrLz7 years ago
Uncle Fester -vs- Curly
FFVIIBOY7 years ago
Although Batman is my all time favorite superhero, id have to say Naruto cuz of the Nine Tailed Fox sealed inside him which would give him ulimited chakra so if he went into one of his Jinchuriki Forms he ould easily win
i just realized i already answered this
Koosie7 years ago
And these two?

JT vs Cinderella?
I'm leaning towards Cinderella :->
qui-gon621 (author)  Koosie7 years ago
If Cinderella had her army of mice then she would. If not Justin Timberlake would.
How about Godzilla vrs jt?
eulaliaaaa!7 years ago
who would win, Yoda or Superman?
qui-gon621 (author)  eulaliaaaa!7 years ago
Well since Yoda is an all powerful, lightsaber wielding alien and Superman has just the ability to fly I would have to say: Yoda.

P.S. Before any of you go on a crazy rant, I know that Superman can do more than fly. I was just getting my point across.
There was a question on Yahoo answers one time about if a jedi lightsaber could cut through Superman, and they came on the conclusion that a lightsaber could not cut through Superman. So I think Superman could beat Yoda because he has laser eyes that could cut through anything Yoda could throw at him with the force.

Yoda DUH!

NerdSquad7 years ago
 Batman, because anime is lame.
qui-gon621 (author)  NerdSquad7 years ago
How dare you say such a thing.
Even though people are entitled to their own opinion, I have to say that that is weird.
 Look at his hair in this picture. Enough said, right?
qui-gon621 (author)  NerdSquad7 years ago
But that is the signature anime hair-do. All anime characters have that spikey big hair look.
Really ? ALL of them ?


qui-gon621 (author)  Goodhart7 years ago
Well I guess I was being a little over dramatic with that statement. But did you really have to choose the picture of two people making out?
It was one of the first ones I came across on an image search that wasn't so spikey (I mean, even Inuyasha is not really spikey though....)
thomas1127 years ago
hmm... i need an cool avatar :)
qui-gon621 (author)  thomas1127 years ago
Search on the internet what you like, then choose the best one. Thats how I get my avatars.
thomas1127 years ago
lol kind of late -.-" srry XD
thomas1127 years ago
mr.T blinds Goku with his bling bling but they always mis with theyr guns -.-" so its hard choise. :D
Koosie7 years ago
Would have to say Goku.

What about these 2?

qui-gon621 (author)  Koosie7 years ago
I would have to say He-Man. Mr. T is awesome but He-Man has a freaking tiger.
Not to mention a sword.
Hmm....A sword vs. a lot of bling bling....
Yoda! Yoda! Yoda!

sword vs. lightsaber and Jedi Mind tricks

not to mention more clothes
and a whole lot less suck.  I never liked the He-Man series.
qui-gon621 (author)  Rock Soldier7 years ago
He also has the power. (No pun intended)
And awesome-extreme hair!
DJ Radio Koosie7 years ago
Mr. T!
Batman because he can do anything with prep time.

Also, if you consider that if Goku and batman met that means batman is in a universe where superpowers are possible. With enough study Batman would have them too and would have spend over a decade perfecting them.  This would put him in league with Goku and shame Nuruto.  Then you have to consider resources and strategy.  Batman wouldn't enter a fight with Goku unless he knew a little bit about his enemy.  This, to me atleast, puts Batman in front.
bounty10127 years ago
Definitely Goku.
FFVIIBOY7 years ago
Huh interesting question. Batman has a lot of trainign and all his gadgets, Naruto has rasengan, multi shadowclone jutsu and the nintailed fox, and Goku has all those moves like kamehamaha, well i say Goku would win, but if Naruto was in 1-8 tailed fox forms, than he would probably win but it would be close
qui-gon621 (author)  FFVIIBOY7 years ago
qui-gon621 (author) 7 years ago
What about PS3 or X-Box360?
(This one may cause quite a stir.)
DJ Radio7 years ago
Chuck Norris.
NOBODY BEATS CHUCK NORRIS (well except maybe Bruce Lee but whatever).
Bruce Lee once beat Chuck Norris in a fight.

Look where Bruce Lee is now.
You forgot to finish it.  Bruce then briefly woke up from his dream when Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked him in the face.
qui-gon621 (author)  DJ Radio7 years ago
Chuck Norris is no longer the most powerful person in the universe. Optimus Prime is.
qui-gon621 (author) 7 years ago
I got another one for you guys.

Sora or Optimus Prime?

Must say Optimus, but only because I've never heard of Sora.

qui-gon621 (author)  Koosie7 years ago

Sora is the main character in the video game series "Kingdom Hearts."

Oh, never played it.  I was more in to RTS.
qui-gon621 (author)  Koosie7 years ago
Like Stronghold?
More Command and Conquer.  I can still remember buying the first one.  Good times!
qui-gon621 (author)  Koosie7 years ago
I love those.
Bigev7 years ago
Batman. Hands down.

He'd just deploy his anti-plot-convenient-magic spray and that would be that.
qui-gon621 (author)  Bigev7 years ago
I did not think of that.